“We all just got a lot richer” is the theme of Week #50, when Trump said this to a roomful of wealthy guests to kick off the long Christmas weekend in Mar A Lago.

No point in heisting Fort Knox to the tune of billions of dollars if you can’t brag about it to your rich pals, except that word got out to the people who only got a $20 bill, the same people he repeatedly swore to that his tax cut would cost him a lot of money personally.

He then took credit for allowing Americans to say “Merry Christmas” again, sort of like claiming credit for allowing dentists to say “open wide” again.

The President is staying in Mar A Lago through the New Year, but said he’d be hard at work the day after Christmas, and sure enough, the day after Christmas found Trump working very hard indeed. On his golf game and Twitter account.

To be fair, end-of-year holiday vacations by presidents are traditionally not so much about conducting The People’s business, but instead somberly reflecting on the past year, and reviewing hopes and plans for the coming New Year, understandable concerns for any president.

But that guy’s not the president, Trump is.

And so to Twitter, his favorite presidential duty; lashing out out his enemies, real or imagined, announcing policy decisions and making insane statements.

Robert Mueller’s investigation of collusion with Russia by members of the Trump Campaign, Transition Team and Administration have Trump’s undivided attention lately, an astounding feat in itself. As word comes that his investigation now involves the Republican National Committee, Trump remembers very little and denies the rest.

He now claims only a passing acquaintance with Paul Manafort, “a guy who worked for me only a few months.” This about his long time associate who was instrumental in his candidacy.

He also Re-Tweeted a photo altered so that CNN appears as a bloodstain on his shoe, on Christmas Day. Ho Ho Ho ’n shit.

Obama’s 10th straight win as Most Admired Man In America didn’t help his mood either, so naturally he took a nasty swipe at Hillary Clinton (which somehow makes sense in 2017), referring to a public apology to Ms Clinton by a major publication that made a mistake at her expense: “Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs, is bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit they took at Crooked H,” he Tweeted.

He criticized China for making him look bad in front of his base again, who he had convinced that Trump forced China to help him reign in North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. China’s booming oil trade with North Korea became headline news, putting Trump’s tough guy posturing in a new perspective.

Undaunted, he doubled down on his Twitter War with China and blamed them for (!) America’s deadly opioid addiction crisis.

Being in such an expansive holiday mood, Trump manage to insult every other nation on earth on Twitter as well, bragging about stiffing the rest of the world for America’s share of the Global Warming tab, “to the tune of trillions!”

For good measure, he confused weather with climate again, then rode off to another Trump golf course on the Florida coast that is in danger of being flooded by rising sea levels.

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