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Stories & Essays

These are a few of my short stories and essays, presented in their entirety. Enjoy them while you can because soon they will be offered for sale, with a few page teaser of each tale and then an offer to download it if you want to know how things turn out. I’m trying to figure out a cheap price for this stuff, but on the other hand giving it all away keeps me a starving artist, which is getting kind of old.

Skeets – NEW STORY
Skeets is a bastard, a real son of a bitch. Which doesn’t make him a bad guy. Runs a sloppy, happy good-time joint on Staten Island just like the one he had in Brooklyn for a lot of years.

I’m Not Your Dog
Listen to Frank the junkyard dog. He knows a heck of a lot about canine/human relationships. And he’s got a real long memory.

Nobody Listens
A history of my family? Read on and judge for yourself.

The 45
Part of a collection of short stories revolving aroud trhe life of one Ben Blanco of Brooklyn. In The 45, Ben and his band have trouble with their talented but troubled band-mate JD.

Baby Boy Blue
Some of us have longer memories than others.

Are We Safe Yet?
My over-reaction to the warninglabel on a painting stick.

Granny’s Having Twins
Our interepid science boys and girls want to extend our lifetimes to hundreds of years. Have you ever met any scientists? Why they would want to live a second longer than their allotted time is the big mystery to me. Read on.

Miss Dru, Elvis and Me
Another Ben Blanco story, this one about an interestiong encounter with The KIng.

They Call Me Monty
The Earth speaks to us. The Earth is named Monty. Go figure…