Yes, he really went there to open up a brand new year, “My button is bigger than your button,” both setting the tone and (hard to believe) lowering the bar for another year of the Twitter Presidency.

President Trump is so obviously rattled by Robert Mueller’s ripening investigation of his and his entire team’s collusion with Russia to steal the election that this week saw a month’s worth of Trump crazy verbal fireworks and childish lashing out in desperation. You know, how innocent people always act.

He opened Week #51 by ripping yet another branch of the government he runs, this time (!) The United States Post Office, leaving us wondering how the US Mail factors in to the Russian Collusion scandal.

Also on Friday, the NY Times published his impromptu interview with their reporter from the day before that read like the insane ramblings of unhinged pathological liar. Or, pretty much like any other Trump interview. What was especially outrageous about this interview, however, was the long string of easily debunked lies, so disturbing that the Times was compelled to print an accompanying article side by side with the interview, a lie-by-lie debunking of the interview itself.

This did not help the president’s mood, but this supposedly damning interview would turn out to be only about the 3rd craziest thing of the week.

He did not neglect his #1 Whipping Boy of course, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, when he ripped into the alleged “Deep State Justice Department,” inferring that long-time civil servants doing their jobs year in and year out were somehow (!) his enemies all of a sudden. This shortly after he improperly insisted the FBI be purged of those “loyal to Comey and not loyal Trump.”

Still in Mar A Lago until Monday, he golfed 7 days in a row and tweeted madness the rest of the time, even for some odd reason taking credit for the effective air safety protocols installed under Obama and then claiming (!) “Hispanics will fall in love me.” From the warmth of South Florida he took the opportunity to both mock those of us locked in winter’s icy grip, and claim that the extreme cold almost nationwide is proof that Climate Change was a hoax. This even though a brief explanation of Global Warming informs us that weather extremes like this are a byproduct of manmade Global  Warming, and that climate and weather are very different things. Reading or hearing technical explanations, as we shall soon see, are not the president’s long suit.

He taunted Iranian leadership over the widespread protests there, and intimated America would aid the protesters there, but the Iranian Supreme Council called his bluff by having army trucks crush many said protesters to death.

Trump also ended his investigation into election fraud when he dissolved his Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, the body he created to “investigate” his phony claims that 5 million illegal aliens cast votes for Hilary Clinton. He still says there’s “substantial evidence of voter fraud” but does not want to submit taxpayers to the expense of the investigation, when the simple truth is that he just can’t get over getting 3 million fewer votes than Clinton.

Then there was that “My button is bigger than your button” Tweet about Kim Jong Un, who had just embarrassed Trump when Kim cut him out of the loop by negotiating directly with South Korea, a clear message that American prestige in Asia is even lower than Trump’s approval ratings. An infantile and insane moment, yes, but still not the craziest Trump moment or Week #51.

Those would come when former top henchman Steve Bannon turned on Trump and his family, accusing Donald Junior and Jared Kushner of being traitors, and Trump himself of suffering from dementia, then a tell-all book by Michael Wolff about the White House called “Fire And Fury: Inside The Trump White House” was released. The book put the whole administration on the hot seat with one explosively damaging quote after another from the President and White House staffers alike, including that Trump “reads nothing” and is “semiliterate” and how dealing with the president “is like guessing what a child wants.” Then there was that creepy passage about how much Trump enjoyed banging his friends’ wives and the sleazy tactics he employed to achieve that goal.

Trump of course went predictably ballistic and fired back at both, saying  “Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.” This about the man who was his main advisor and the architect of his administration and its policies, and a man who Trump still leaned on for advice ever after firing him. Trump’s lawyers also filed a cease and desist order on Bannon for violating the non-disclosure agreement signed when he became the Trump Campaign CEO, accusing Bannon of disclosing crimes and conspiracies previously denied by the White House.

As far as Wolff’s book, his lawyers are suing to stop its publication, which only prompted  the publisher of the book to release it 3 days earlier than panned, on Friday, january 6th, with Amazon already booking enough orders to land it on the Best Seller’s List.

Also on Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (the guy Mueller to whomMueller reports) met with Speaker of The House Paul Ryan about Russia, shortly after they refused Congressman and Trump ally Devin Nunes’ demand for Mueller’s transcripts of a FBI Agents’ testimony regarding the infamous Steele Dossier and President Trump’s finances. Nunes has a history of trying to compromise investigations into Trump (including the one he is leading) by sharing damaging evidence against him with Trump and other White House officials.

Why Paul Ryan? No one is saying, but it raised eyebrows and Trump’s already high desperation level, prompting him to announce his retreat into his Reality TV safety zone as a setting for his latest attack on the Free Press when he announced his “Most Corrupt Media Awards,” the winners to be announced next Monday in what promises to be at least one of the highlights of Week #52’s insane spectacles.

Trump did manage to get some actual work (wanton damage) done on Thursday when he pursued two of his most important goals; erasing Obama’s legacy and undermining our most successful State, California, when he opened up almost the entirety of America’s coastline to offshore oil drilling. For good measure he had Attorney General Sessions threaten to overturn California’s marijuana legalization law and the $5 billion annual windfall it will bring to California, which already boasts the world’s 8th largest economy and has been consistently defying Trump Administration policy by woking to benefit its 40 million citizens out of spite to Trump and his slash and burn agenda.

Also on Thursday it was reported that one of his lawyers had lied to Trump when he convinced him it was illegal for a President to fire an FBI Director after Trump first started making noises about firing James Comey. The attorney, one Uttam Dhillon, was afraid of what damage the president might do and the far-reaching implications of firing the man in charge of investigating him. Trump, who never thinks about the far-reaching implications of anything he says or does, somehow found out he was lied to, and fired Comey in a fit of rage.

Turns out Dhillon was right to worry, since Comey’s firing was the catalyst for hiring Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, so we get to enjoy the bizarre irony that an easily debunked lie becomes central to Trump’s ever-expanding Russia troubles, yet that lie was not one of his own. Like they say, you can’t make this stuff up. Stay tuned for more Stranger-Than-Fiction developments as Trump closes out his first improbable year in the Oval Office in Week #52.

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