There are no slow weeks now, the runaway Trumptrain just picks up speed as it careens downhill.

Just days after an embarrassingly offensive social media attack on a female TV show host that had people wondering if he had finally hit rock bottom, the president showed us why Trump is Trump, and effortlessly sunk even lower. He did so by releasing an old wrestling promotional video starring Trump pummeling some other fat guy in a suit, but this time altered to advocate violence against journalists. Within the hour, the targeted journalists began receive numerous death threats against themselves and (!) their families.

But wait, there’s more.

On The 4th of July, Trump had a public bout of Dementia when he got lost walking from the steps of Air Force One to the limousine at the end of the red carpet, 10 feet away. He wandered out to the tarmac until an aide pointed him back to the car, like someone’s batty Grandpa at the State Fair until a grandson finds him and steers him back to the family station wagon.

Then he threatened to start World War 3 after North Korea tested an intercontinental cruise missile capable of reaching the USA, dismissing any input from other world powers, freaking out the entire planet for the umpteenth time.

Even that wasn’t the worst thing he did all week.

On Wednesday he left for Hamburg, Germany and the G20 Meeting, a very big deal and a political minefield that is the focus of world attention, universally considered to be a crucial testing ground for Trump’s leadership. Only thing, he forgot to make hotel reservations, leaving his people scrambling around for secure accommodations at the last minute. Not an auspicious beginning.

Once set loose on the World Stage, Trump openly condemned (!) his own country, not only our former president, but also our intelligence gathering agencies, American law enforcement personnel, prominent political figures and our free press. Then he openly questioned if The West has “the will to survive,” infuriating our allies, trading partners and American citizens alike.

This unprecedented treason and ally-bashing was compounded when Trump met in private with Vladimir Putin and treated him like a long lost buddy, then gave in to all of Putin’s demands while pretending to take a tough stand with Russia over their interference with our elections.

Fact is, Putin came away from the meeting with everything he wanted, all at the expense of the USA, and the charge of manipulating our election was dismissed by Trump’s master as “one of those things” they will have to agree to disagree about. Indeed, Trump doubled down on his self-serving election campaign claims that spread doubt that Russia was the culprit, once again sacrificing America’s national interests when it benefits him personally.

Still at the G20 Meeting, Trump had another Public Dementia Moment when he got lost leaving the stage where he had just been speaking, just a few days after his prior episode. Small wonder why all 50 states refuse to provide him with their voter registration data, why none of his signature policies have been enacted into law, why most of the people in his own country think he is a corrupt moron, why he is a direct target of multiple criminal investigations, and why the leaders of the rest of the world are making their plans without the United States of America. Thanks to Trump, America doesn’t matter much any more.

Other than that, though…

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