This was the week Trump posted his most offensive Tweet. Most offensive Tweet in a while, anyway (he’s never more than nanoseconds away from saying something even crazier and crueler). This time he attacked (no shock here) a woman, a Cable TV news personality and her cohost, with disturbingly bizarre lies not worth repeating except to say it was just one more unsought self-revealing session with the most famous psychotic liar on earth parading his unstable obsessions.

It was a week that saw Trump betray his base by threatening to kill Medicaid (and tens of thousands of them along with it), which provides health care to a quarter of his base, and opening the doors for Congress to dismantle Social Security, which will financially cripple 100% of his supporters. He also exhibited a frightening ignorance about health care concepts this week, at one point speculating that health insurances costs (!) “$15 a month.”

It was Week 23 when Trump accused the online retail giant Amazon of “not paying their Internet Tax, which they should,” when there is no such thing as an Internet Tax.

It was a week when the Supreme Court finally partially agreed with Trump by allowing a small part of his Muslim Ban to be enforced, and his minions went to work to make it as cruel as possible within the narrow limits imposed by the Court, a challenge they met when they they excluded grandparents as “immediate family.”

This was the week Trump finally admitted that Russia meddled in our elections, then tried to blame it on President Obama and Hillary Clinton, while quietly hiring another defense attorney.

This was another week of the ever-expanding Russiagate investigations revealing more and more evidence of Russian espionage and American collusion at the highest levels of both the Trump Campaign and Administration. The shorter list seems to be Trump Administration officials who have not lawyered up, including the President himself, who has now hired more attorneys than appear in an episode of The Good Wife.

Week #23 was one more horrible week with way too much happening way too fast, leaving a wary nation to wonder what the hell the Republicans are really up to, and how much damage they will do while we are distracted by the Trump Circus.

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