The day after throwing his own country under the bus in front of the entire world at the G20 meeting, Trump sent his daughter the sweatshop owner to sit in for him at an important meeting of world leaders. Trump took to Twitter to lie about his private meeting the previous day with his benefactor Vladimir Putin, where he repeated his old hits from his campaign days, that it “could have been a lot of people interfered” (even though everyone on the planet knows it was not a lot of people, only Putin), also attacking John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and President Obama as the possible culprits. He then declared “it’s time to move on” from the Russian scandal, something even he must realize is an impossibility.

He announced a joint venture with Russia to insure our mutual “cybersecurity,” code for granting Russia complete access to America’s most sensitive state secrets. Suffice to say that Putin came away from the G20 with a happy ending, and Trump came away still being Donald Trump, an angry boy failing in a man’s world.

While Trump was still in Europe on Saturday, the shit hit the fan at home when it was revealed that his son, Donald Trump Jr., his son-in-law Jared Kushner and his campaign manager Paul Manafort Paul had a meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian attorney with ties to the Kremlin promising to turn over damaging information on Hillary Clinton during the election campaign.

Donald Jr. confessed immediately to the crime, but defended his decision to conspire to commit treason by saying the attorney did not deliver the goods, sort of like claiming innocence in a bank robbery because you dropped the bag of money as you fled the scene. Trump immediately defended his son, calling this 39-year old incompetent and wannabe bagman “a good boy.”

Okaythen! Moving on, Trump returned home from a summit where he was mocked and marginalized by other, more capable world leaders, to a hostile America sick of his bullshit, so he naturally called his trip ”a great success.”

Once back home, he renewed his feud with James Comey, attacked Chelsea Clinton and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, defended allowing his clothing designer daughter to sit in for a president, and demanded that the Senate pass their unbelievably horrible health care bill before the August recess. Having done all he could via executive orders to sabotage Obamacare, he wants Congress to finish nailing shut the coffin of American health care.

On Monday he had “an empty schedule,” presumably to unwind after a heavy schedule in Europe of doing severe damage to America’s reputation and world standing.

Tuesday was another empty schedule day, with only a 2PM meeting with several cabinet members scheduled, with no information provided by the White House.

On Wednesday night he flew to France to celebrate Bastille Day and the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War 1, and to practice his Alpha Male handshake on new French President Macron and insult his wife.

On Thursday the borsht hit the fan again at home when it was revealed that a former Russian Intelligence officer and Russian lobbyist also attended the meeting with Donald Jr., a fact the good boy omitted when he fessed up to treason earlier in the week.

That same day, at a meeting of America’s State Governors, it was revealed that almost every single Governor, both Republican and Democrat, is vehemently opposed to any and all GOP health care plans. He also held a painfully embarrassing joint press conference with Macron where he made more stupid statements and told more idiotic lies.

Trump left France later that day to play golf yet again at his New Jersey resort and Tweet about his great success as the best president in all of history and any possible future. Move over FDR, Lincoln and Jefferson, Trump’s in da White House! So, what were we all so worried about again?

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