No legislation implementing the proposed Trump agenda was passed by his Republican majority Congress in Week #20, for the 20th straight week. On Friday Trump ignored a deadly terror attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, apparently concentrating so hard on his weekly address to the nation that it slipped his mind. When a smaller attack occurred in London on Saturday, however, he was prepared.

While the bodies were still warm, President Trump promptly sprang into action by picking a fight with the Mayor of London by ridiculing him on Twitter. That’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, who happens to be Muslim (YUGE coincidence, no doubt). Yes, you read that right; The President of The United States of America callously criticized the Mayor of London after his city suffered a deadly terrorist attack. Then Trump made some glib comments about there being no guns used in the killings, and that was the first response from the White House to a terror attack on the capital city of our closest ally.

On Monday Trump announced another of his schemes, this one to privatize the nation’s Air Traffic Control, one of the most vitally important services in America, one also involving sensitive strategic information. He would turn control over to a nonprofit corporation run by the airlines themselves, sort of like letting cat burglars write the breaking-and-entering laws, or allowing billionaires to rewrite the tax code …ohwait!

Adding to Trump’s mounting anger and frustration, he was not the center of world attention every hour of every day this week, eclipsed not only by that headline-hogging terror attack in London, but the 800 pound gorilla of James Comey’s upcoming network-televised testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russiagate. Team Trump was so fearful of what Comey might reveal that a Trump Superpac hastily made and aired an anti-Comey TV ad the day before his testimony, as if he were a political opponent on the eve of a debate.

The Senate had already heard testimony from Trump’s own Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers about Trump campaign personnel colluding with Russian agents to fix the 2016 election, and Comey potentially has information about the President himself asking him to cover it up and stop the FBI’s investigation.

So stunned was Trump that for the only time since he’s been president, he did not Tweet anything all day Thursday, a first for him.

Much of the week’s testimony left tantalizing hints of what could not be said in a public hearing due to National Security concerns. One Senator even remarked that he was eager to hear the real dirt behind closed doors. The public will not hear of the fruits of their secret testimony until the investigations are complete and indictments issued, and then only the details pertinent to the criminal charges, if any.

If Trump escapes criminal charges, he will have the GOP leadership to thank. Everyone knows crimes were committed at this point, and there’s a whole lot of blood in the water, but Republican Congressional leadership is desperately trying to find Hillary Clinton to feed her to the circling sharks, well… because… emails and Benghazi ’n shit! You know, for old times’ sake. But Hillary’s out hiking and Trump is on his own, fresh out of scapegoats. Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Presidential Apprentice.

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