Week 21 dawned on Friday with Trump once again manning his cell phone and attacking James Comey on Twitter after a personal record of going 46 hours without a Tweet. He did not disappoint, and his Tweets were as disjointed and false and ever, and did nothing to stem the deluge of outrage against him and his disastrous presidency.

Friday afternoon Trump took it on the lam to escape the cauldron that is Washington DC and flew to his New Jersey resort, playing golf again on Saturday and hosting a fundraiser for a Republican member of Congress on Sunday, pretty much leaving running the country and dealing with a furious citizenry to his PR staff.
He returned to Washington in time to ignore his young son whom he hadn’t seen in months when he arrived with First Lady Melania, who is finally moving into the White House with Barron. Trump didn’t even glance at the poor boy, treating him as if he were the German Prime Minister instead of his shy and bewildered 11 year-old son.
Again on Monday he beat it out of Washington to make two appearances in Baltimore to escape the heat of the Russiagate investigations. His plans for the week pretty much consisted of watching cable news, making public appearances, sending incoherent Tweets and entertaining the idea of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, especially when it was reported that Mueller is conducting a criminal investigation of Trump himself for Obstruction of Justice.
On Wednesday the unthinkable happened when a psycho with a gun wounded a Congressman and 4 others at a Congressional baseball team practice, specifically targeting Republican lawmakers. Trump was enraged of course. Not at the open attack on members of our government, but that the story replaced his name in the headlines. For once, he and his crack PR team failed to come up with a way to make it all about him.
Not much in the way of governing went on in Week 21, as Senate GOP leaders kept their revised health bill a secret even from other Senators, Paul Ryan reminded us again why everyone hates him, Obama policies were denounced and undermined while we are so distracted, and even (!) Hillary Clinton was blamed for the baseball field shootings.
Meanwhile Flint, Michigan still has poison water, advanced nations are making economic plans that don’t include America, chunks of bridges are falling on the homeless veterans that live underneath them, and 70% of the country detests our president. Here’s to a rudderless ship in a typhoon, Captain Crunch at the helm.

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