Keep SleepingRetailers call it Black Friday, most of us call it the day after Thanksgiving, but more and more of us are calling it


The Friday after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day in the United States, kicking off our annual materialistic feeding frenzy that we call Christmas shopping, where we buy everything that isn’t nailed down in order to to celebrate the birth of a poor itinerant preacher who had no possessions other than the clothes on his back.

So, fresh from giving thanks for all we have, we’re supposed to bum rush and trample retail clerks so we can have even more stuff? Sounds counterintuitive.

The better deal is to enjoy the long weekend some place other than a cheesy box store packed with smelly people who slept on the sidewalk in order to be first on line to buy some worthless piece of crap that will break down or wear out just in time for next Black Friday, when it will be time to camp out on the concrete again.

Or, you can save your dough, skip the whole extravaganza and enjoy the life you were so thankful for yesterday.

•Suggested Activities: Buying nothing, eating leftovers, hanging around with loved ones, not running yourself ragged.

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