Well? What to say, what to say…

Hard to pinpoint what was the biggest outrage of Week #74, President Trump getting fleeced by the fat kid with the weird hair, a US president making enemies of our allies, the President of The United Sates putting children in detention camps and blaming it on the party that’s out of power, or said president refusing to sign a law proposed by his own party to set them free.

Pick your heartbreak.

The week opened up on Friday when Trump arrived late to the G7 Summit, then immediately demanded Russia be readmitted to the group, even defending Russia’s military occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine by saying “they speak Russian there.” You know, sort of like that whole Austrian annexation deal by Nazi Germany in the 1930s, since those nations shared a language too. So, there’s a legal precedent here, right?

Trump then went on an epic rant that alienated just about all our closest allies, an absolutely manic “Fuck You, Rest of The World” performance not seen since the days of Mussolini and Hitler in their most cartoonish and frenzied primes.

He alternately threatened, blamed, insulted, bellowed, bullied and whined, insisting there be no retaliation for his punitive tariffs against their nations from any G7 members. It was a stunning display, even to the assembled world leaders who have seen Trump’s insane act before. Then he was out the door early, skipping the Climate Change discussion because he does not agree with 99% of the world’s scientists and 100% of the other G7 leaders.

Slipping through the cracks was a major US offensive against ISIS in Afghanistan, 1,600 detained immigrants being shipped to Federal prisons without a trial, Secretary of State Pompeo issuing a statement that Trump’s defense attorney and loose cannon Rudy Giuliani does not speak for the US government, and Trump claiming that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan did not agree with GOP pit bill Trey Gowdy that Trump’s FBI Spy is imaginary, the day after Ryan public agreed with Gowdy. 

Apparently there’s wiggle room in “I think Chairman Gowdy’s initial assessment is accurate” that the rest of us don’t see, and Trump clings to the existence of his imaginary 6-foot rabbit.

Then in a flash, Trump was winging his way across the Pacific on Air Force 1 for a rendezvous with his “Great Man of History” moment with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un. Trump had a list of demands for young Kim, but did not burden himself with over-preparation for this historic occasion, instead preferring to rely on his “touch and feel” to keep it (!) spontaneous.

The last thing major peace treaty negotiations are is spontaneous, and Trump got taken to the cleaners, walking away with no signed agreements while surrendering his hole card, American military might. He lavishly praised the murderous Kim and brushed aside his brutal record of human rights violations, saying “he’s gotta be tough.”

Trump took the opportunity to praise Kim’s total control of his country’s press, and wished out loud that “his people” would snap to attention to him like North Koreans do for Kim. Pictures were taken, speeches were made and Trump declared it a huge success, one in the win column, now where’s my Nobel Prize?

Not so fast, oh Great Man of History! You don’t give away the store and then boast about moving merchandise. No agreement was reached, and on the same day of the summit, North Korea launched a massive cyberattack on America’s computing abilities. None of which dampened Trump’s enthusiasm for his “achievement,” or prevented him from making all kinds of crazy claims. 

What did dampen the president’s spirits, however, was a series of legal moves that put him and his presidency in grave danger, first when his personal attorney and shady fixer Michael Cohen fired his legal team and announced he expected to be arrested at any moment, then when former campaign manager and longtime Trump associate Paul Manafort was reported to be on the verge of “flipping” for Robert Mueller after new charges of witness tampering were filed against him, with the high the likelihood his bail would be revoked on Friday and he would be jailed pending trial.

Then on Thursday, for his 72nd birthday, Trump’s home state got him a present, a fraud lawsuit brought by the State of New York Attorney General charging that Trump and 3 of his children stole money from the Trump Foundation, using their alleged “charity” as a personal piggybank and for funding Trump’s presidential campaign. The People of New York are seeking millions in restitution, dissolution of the Trump Foundation and a lifetime ban on all 4 defendants from operating a non-profit in New York State.

So miffed was Trump, that he promised to (!) “punish the Canadian people” for their support of their Prime Minister and, the worst thing imaginable, to veto a bill by Republicans ordering the government to free his child hostages from their detention camps, setting off a frenzy of both domestic and global protest, and even more frenzied defenses of these (let’s call a spade a spade here) concentration camps by Trump’s cruel minions, who repeatedly declared that (!) the Bible says it is just fine to imprison children.

We now know Trump is capable of  anything, and if given enough chances will take his place among history’s monsters. The worst part is that a quarter of the nation will cheer him on through every unacceptable statement and heinous act. We all need a reminder not to fool ourselves that we have seen the worst of Trump. He has proved too often that the worst is yet to come.

Yes, it can happen here.

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