Trump’s oft-stated goal is being the “first president to do such-and-such.”

Towards that end, Trump finds himself the first American president to be reprimanded by the United Nations Office of Human Rights for his administration’s policy of separating children from their families at the border because their papers are not in order (ring a bell, meine Freunde?) and the hastily-assembled “camps” (warehouses) to detain 50 new children each day, from infants to preteens, with a “Processing Center” (Central Booking) where United States Senator Merkley said the children were “locked in cages” under armed guard awaiting their fates.

There are now Concentration camps for children in 2018 America that the government refuses to submit to outside inspections by Congress and the press. There are many Americans vociferously defending these camps too (presumably the “Good” ones). Turns out Fascism didn’t come to America bearing a cross and the flag like everyone predicted after all, just an angry old fat guy with a long red tie.

And speaking of angry fat guys, the Trump-Kim Summit is back on, in spite of Rudy Giuiani’s latest attempt to sabotage it by saying “Kim got down on his hands and knees” to beg for the meeting to go on as scheduled, then added “which is the position we want to keep him in.”

Trump is so confident in his stable genius that he refuses to prepare for the meeting by availing himself of detailed briefings by the many world class experts at his disposal, instead opting to be accompanied by the North Korea expert he trusts most, (!) former basketball star, World Class Mumbler and infamous wild man, Dennis Rodman.

And speaking of hilarious international gaffes by an American president, Donald Trump actually accused Canada (nonexistent at the time) of burning down the White House in 1812, then called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “Canada’s worst president.” Leave it to Trump to go international as a laughingstock once again on the eve of the G7 meetings in Canada starting on Friday to kick off Week #74.

The G-7 has already told treasury Secretary Mnuchin they’re pissed off about Tump’s tariffs and will retaliate just as Canada has so vociferously promised, and on Saturday trade talks with China collapsed, thwarting the Trump administration’s arrogant boast that they would “fundamentally alter China’s economy.”

Then Trump announced the USA would not participate in the “Climate Change” portion of the G7, making a perverse sort of sense coming from the president who goes out of his way to praise the man he assigned to destroy America’s Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, now the subject of 12 separate ethics violation investigations, including the bizarre “Lotiongate” scandal, too weird to recount here.

But perhaps International diplomacy is not Trump’s forte, you say? Surely he did better on the home front, no? He did, after all, spend the weekend at Camp David with his family, including semi long-lost daughter Tiffany, and was proud to announce the reemergence of First Lady Melania after a 24-day absence from the public eye.

Turns out Melania plans to be MIA again for both the G7 and the North Korea Summits, a sure sign that Rudy Giuliani is right when he claimed the First Lady believes her husband and not porn star Stormy Daniels about their alleged love affair. To which Melania’s office replied that Rudy Giuliani does not speak for her, figuring it would only be a matter of time before he starts incriminating her too.

Rudy once again had a banner week in the Shiny-Eyes Crazy Statements Sweepstakes, alternately declaring Trump can’t obstruct justice because he is the president, can’t be questioned or subpoenaed because he’s president, he might have colluded with Russia but if he did it is no crime because he’s the president, can fire the people investigating his alleged crimes but he won’t because he’s innocent, but might pardon himself anyway and, best of all; “Trump could have shot James Comey in the Oval Office and gotten away with it.” WHAT? With a defense attorney like Rudy, who needs Robert Mueller?

Small wonder Melania wants no part of Giuliani’s legal wizardry.

In other domestic news, Trump disinvited the few Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles who did not already turn down his invitation (all the actual players, leaving only trainers, groundskeepers and mascots) to the White House, and turned the occasion into a Marine Band Karaoke & Flag Glorification Ceremony (or whatever the heck they called this puzzling spectacle) where he messed up the words to “God Bless America” and demonized the Eagles over the National Anthem protests, even though none of them were part of the “Take a Knee” protests last season.

In a related development, both teams vying for the NBA Championship, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, have announced they will refuse any potential White House invitations too if they win the title, sparing the nation another White House Karaoke Night.

Mick Mulvaney, acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, fired the agency’s 25-member advisory board Wednesday, pretty much rendering the agency ineffective by acting against the interests of the consumers it is charged to protect and defend, matching Scott Pruitt sledgehammer blow for sledgehammer blow.

Trump’s former champion and outgoing (fleeing for his political life) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan irritated Trump almost as much as Attorney General Jeff “He Should Never Have Recused Himself!” Sessions when Ryan confirmed what every other person who can read said about the evidence they were shown that proved beyond any doubt that Trump’s invented FBI spy was in fact a lie and warranted no official consideration.

In Russiagate news, Paul Manafort, in spite of wearing 2 ankle monitors, was accused of witness tampering by Robert Mueller, who filed a motion to revoke his bail and file more charges against him, shortly after one of the proposed suborned witnesses turned over Manafort’s incriminating emails to the FBI, with instructions to lie under oath, and one of his business partners pled guilty and agreed to testify for the prosecution.

Observers wonder how long before Manifort flips on Trump, or if he is hoping for one of those Presidential pardons Trump has been handing out left and right to old people and dead guys lately.

A court-appointed Special Master, a neutral judge assigned to review seized evidence, ruled that over 98% of the files and data confiscated in FBI raids on 3 of Michael Cohen’s premises are not protected by attorney-client privilege and were given to prosecutors to build their case, millions of potentially incriminating documents and bits of data.

All this proved to be extremely taxing on Trump’s main mouthpiece, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, who has built such a complex structure of alternative information trying to explain away the inexplicable, that she claimed that (!!) her own credibility is greater than that of the world’s assembled free press.

And so we enter Week #74 with an unprepared and resentful president getting ready to attend a highly complex G7 meeting that might wind up being the G6 before it’s over, and Trump refusing to prepare for his own “Great Man of History” moment in Singapore.

The bottom line of Week #73 of the Trump Era, however, is that there are carefully guarded concentration camps for children in American in 2018, adding 50 children a day. Think about that awhile. Think hard.

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