The highlight (rock bottom) of week #58 was a “listening session” at the Department of Education with survivors of school shootings and dead victims’ parents, with Trump holding a cheat sheet with tips for himself like “look concerned” and “I hear you” scrawled in Sharpie, then completely ignoring every suggestion put forth in this emotionally charged broadcast.

There was no mention of guns (the only thing that makes this slaughter possible) in Trump’s official statement regarding school massacres, instead handing down the usual nonsense that we should “focus on healing and uniting ” (Translation: it is never the time to speak of gun control).

Following this latest atrocity that claimed 17 young lives in Florida, Trump made vague, noncommittal noises about outlawing kits that convert rifles into machine guns and strengthening the absurdly weak background check process, and he not only doubled down on his constant cruel attacks on the mentally ill, but kept repeating his own insane plan to arm 20% of America’s (!) schoolteachers.

All this followed Trump’s long Presidents Day weekend in Florida featuring his incredibly callous and tone deaf visit to a hospital where he smiled ear to ear and gave the thumbs-up like some sappy game show host (ohwait!) while posing with grieving parents and the hopelessly mutilated survivors, then played golf a few miles from the first 2 of the 17 funerals planned in the vicinity of Mar A Lago without mentioning them or the stricken families. Afterwards, while a nation mourned, the president took to Twitter to (!) attack fellow TV celebrity Oprah Winfrey, whose TV ratings always buried those of Trump’s game show.

Not being a man to allow a good tragedy to go unexploited, Trump continued his campaign against the investigators that are hot on his trail by blaming the FBI for the school shooting, saying they were too preoccupied by the Russia probe to pay attention to a case where they had no jurisdiction, also assigning blame to the (!) students and teachers themselves, including an unforgivable attack on a heroic teacher who martyred himself saving the lives of his students. Even his own White House staff called the Florida shooting “a welcome reprieve” from the relentless pressure of Mueller’s Russian Collusion investigation, cementing their reputations as being a ragtag collection of the worst people alive.

Surviving students plan on paying Trump a return visit as they organize marches on Washington and a dozen other cities on April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, to protest the gun violence that turns the simple routine of going to school into a daily game of Russian Roulette for America’s schoolchildren.

Speaking of Russians, 13 of them were indicted this week by Robert Mueller for their part in rigging our last presidential election in Trump’s favor, and an announcement was made of the conviction of a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer for lying to the FBI. This of course prompted Trump to deny he ever dismissed Russia meddling in our election (in spite of being on record numerous times doing just that), and blamed Obama for the Russian hacking, then for good measure blamed his predecessor for the recession the economy is experiencing.

Additional charges were also filed against former campaign chairman and Trump associate Paul Manifort and his partner Rick Gates (who has agreed to testify against Manifort).

Also revealed were details about the “Russian troll farm,” from where Trump’s election victory was engineered, and where most of the derogatory stories about Secretary Clinton were invented out of whole cloth. These Kremlin employees with false American identities were given specific messages and tasks designed to destroy Clinton politically, and to help both her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. So successful were they that over 70% of the content shared by American Trump supporters was their work, and they continue to dictate and dominate the political dialogue of Trump voters on social media, almost none of whom are embarrassed about being hoodwinked into believing the most bizarre, hateful and implausible things imaginable. Some of the most popular pro-Trump pages on Facebook are Russian pages, and many of the pro-Trump rallies and anti-Clinton demonstrations in various American cities were organized by Russians, including times, dates and permit applications. Taking their cue from Trump, his supporters are denying these facts at the top of their lungs, with an equally immature command of the English language and a willingness to lie about anything.

Buried in the avalanche of news coverage of the high school slaughter and Russia dominance are some stories White House staffers are relieved are not front page screaming headlines, such as the news that Trump cheated on his porn star mistress Stormy Daniels with Playboy Bunny Karen McDougal, Veterans Administration honcho David Shulkin “retiring” after being caught sticking Uncle Sam with the bills for his lavish lifestyle, and Attorney General Sessions belatedly setting up a “Cyber Task Force” to close the electoral barn door after the Russians rode away on the horse.

Another touchy subject is White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s order to revamp the dangerously compromised White House Security Clearance protocols that could cost Trump’s Chief Political Advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner his Top Secret clearance. White House insiders and Trump himself insisted that Kushner could “still do his job” (whatever that is, never having been defined or satisfactorily explained) without the Security Clearance.

On the Positive Developments Front for Week #58, at least the known wife-beaters are gone from the White House Staff, and Trump is one week closer to indictment, trial, removal from office and permanent disgrace.

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