Week #57 of the Trump Era began miserably, and ended horribly.

First we begin with a 6-hour shutdown of the government when Congress could not agree on a budget, then with a 2nd wife-beater resigning from Trump’s staff when White House speechwriter David Sorenson quit before even defending himself. We’ll just have to put him down as “guilty as hell,” even though Trump went to bat for serial wife-beaters, mourning how their “lives are being ruined by innuendo,” with no mention of their battered victims.

Turns out the White House knew all about wife-beater #1 Rob Porter’s penchant for physically abusing his wives since last year, the reason he failed to get the Top Secret Security Clearance his job requires, but they still allowed him access to classified materials and sensitive conversations.

This mindset may cost Trump another Chief of Staff as John Kelly contemplates using the revolving door at the White House and resigning, effectively removing the only adult oversight in the Trump Administration.

Small wonder that Trump broke a Marine General when we hear through Moscow that Trump and Vladimir Putin had yet another one-on-one phone conversation, the 8th time the White House has neglected to inform Americans of such important communications.

Trump wishing to hide his close ties to his benefactor Putin is understandable, given the horrible reception to some of his budget proposals.

Cutting $1.8 Trillion in social services enraged a nation, with his idea to replace Food Stamps with breadlines taking the most heat, along with gutting our citizen-protection institutions and cultural legacy, pretty much the only reason we form governments in the first place.

Rebuilding America’s aging infrastructure, something both sides of the political spectrum agree is an absolute necessity, was an issue Trump could have used to save his faltering presidency, but the plan he proposed turned out to be a Trumpian scam as well, sticking the states with the lion’s share of the bills and inviting “private interests” to take up the slack, which sounds an awful lot like a Medieval holdover of private roads and river crossings.

Then there’s the other holdovers from the past like protectionist tariffs and work houses to qualify for health care.

The news elsewhere was bad for Trump when a 2nd judge blocked him from killing DACA, and his latest immigration plan was negated when a court found that it illegally discriminated against Muslims.

Then there was that uncomfortable moment when all 17 US intelligence chiefs informed Congress that Russia will hack the upcoming 2018 midterms, building on what they consider their “great success” in the 2016 election, and eager to further disrupt American Democracy. That sort of put a crimp in Trump’s constantly-repeated mantra, “No Collusion,” as inquiring minds across the nation demand to know what this administration plans on doing about this latest blatant Russian interference in our elections.

These questions will just have to wait, however, since the (not so very) unthinkable happened on Thursday when another young rightwing lunatic killed 17 high school students in Florida, a young man whose already twisted mind was warped by the fear, racism, delusion and impotent rage that passes for conservative ideology these days.

Trump was naturally enraged at the specter of yet another school massacre, since those things are pretty much guaranteed to steal his headlines and turn the national focus away from his hyperactive Tweets and imbecilic pronouncements.

Trump informs us that of course this is not the time to talk about gun control (*Spoiler alert: it is never the time.), but mental illness, and even went so far as to blame the (!) students themselves for not preventing this tragedy. You know, the children we adults are charged with raising and protecting. This from a man who signed off on a bill allowing insane individuals easy access to firearms.

These are the times when America looks to our president for words of healing, unity, love and courage in the face of our mind-numbing grief. Unfortunately for America, however, that guy isn’t President anymore.

We’re on our own.

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