After every week in the Trump Era, Americans tell themselves “it can’t possibly get any worse,” and every new week Trump says “Here, hold my Diet Coke…”

Trump was so angry that Democrats refused to applaud his State Of The Union Address that he accused them of (!) treason, then out of the blue he demanded the Pentagon put on a (!!!) military parade in his honor just for the hell of it.

Week # 56 of The Trump Era opened on Groundhog Day, one of our more whimsical and quirky holidays, the equivalent of a Reader’s Digest joke or a Normal Rockwell painting, a quaint and comforting holdover from a more pastoral, innocent past.

The perfect day for Trump to ruin.

He flew the coop to Florida to play golf and get away from the flak about the Nunes memo being the big dud his lawyers feared it would be. Which did not stop Trump from claiming over and over again that it completely exonerated him from Russian collusion to steal the election, when it did no such thing, not even remotely.

He skipped the traditional Super Bowl Sunday presidential interview, perhaps miffed that Colin Kaepernich has higher approval ratings, and had nothing to say about hooligans rioting in the (!) winning city, Philadelphia, or news of several Eagles’ players turning down the traditional invitation to Super Bowl Champions to visit the White House. Nor would he have to answer questions about the memo.

Even the GOP Designated Witch Hunter, Representative Trey Gowdy, publicly disagreed with the president, and Gowdy never met a phony scandal he didn’t love. The stock market disagreed as well, and went into a free fall when it dropped by record numbers over three days, forcing White House Trump Whisperer personnel into a frenzy of blame, denial, “market adjustment” claims and skillful interpretations of Trump’s accusation that the Stock Market “made a mistake,” as if the market was not an inanimate thing, but a a disobedient child.

Trump had to think fast to remedy the situation with huge red herring, but did not hit his full deflection stride at first, clumsily lashing out at (!) his own State Department, openly wishing for another government shutdown, and furiously Tweeting out childish petulance at Democrats past, present and future before hitting his sweet spot with his off-the-wall treason accusations and demand for a Mussolini-style parade.

None of which made his huge and growing portfolio of scandals (or Robert Mueller) go away, infuriating the president even more.

The Democrats writing their own memo to counter Nunes’ fairy tale didn’t help his mood, especially since their memo was a whopping 10 pages long and he was required to read it before approving its release,  9-1/2 pages longer than anything he is accustomed to reading.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was also back in the news doing his Vacillation Dance between loyalty to Trump and betrayal of Trump. Bannon announced he would submit to an interview with Mueller, then said he would refuse to testify before changing his mind again and agreeing to cooperate fully with the Russian Collusion investigation.

His platoon of lawyers tried to make the case for refusing any requests to interview Trump himself, accusing Mueller’s team of planning to set (!) “perjury traps” for the president (ask questions), with only one of them being foolish enough to believe that being under oath would stop Trump from lying his ass off.

His Chief of Staff John Kelly didn’t help his boss much when he mounted a robust defense of his own deputy, White House Staff Secretary Robert Porter, against charges that Porter beat his 2 ex-wives, both of whom provided sickening photos of their bruises and black eyes.

Turns out the White House staff has known for months about Porter’s consistent history of domestic violence, and that these charges were the reason he was denied Top Secret Security Clearance. Porter resigned on Wednesday, but Kelly did, however, clear up the question of why he so seldom speaks in public. It almost never works out well for him.

Trump did get one of his wishes granted at least, even if only for 6 hours, when the government shut down again after Senator Rand Paul decided he needed some publicity and torpedoed the bipartisan budget compromise the Senate has reached without input from the president, who has shown no willingness or aptitude to fulfill his obligation of submitting an annual budget, overdue since last October. This latest middle-of-the-night agreement funds the government for only 2 more weeks, or until the adults in the room can pass a workable budget without interference from the guy who’s supposed to be leading the charge.

On Thursday, Trump met with 94 year-old Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State and presidential adviser, and the man most associated with the only American president to ever resign from office, Richard Nixon. Their meeting was not about avoiding the inevitable, however, but immigration. Or at least that’s the story they are sticking with.

Meanwhile, it was announced that our trade deficits were growing, not shrinking as Trump has repeatedly promised (lied about), when other nations of the world ignored his demands to renegotiate already signed and sealed trading agreements, and the closing of large retail stores continues unabated all across America.

That sound you hear is the clicking of rat claws as Republicans jump this sinking ship before the Midterm election campaign season approaches. Expect GOP slogans to be some variation of “Donald WHO?” this Summer, as incumbents pretend they had nothing to do with the president they wanted, the one they created and continued to defend though scandal after scandal, once again painfully reminding us of the old cliche, ”Be careful what you wish for.”

And so America enters Week #57 of the Trump Era with fewer and fewer of us convinced we have seen the worst, uneasily awaiting the next “Now What” moment.

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