Once again a week in the Trump Era began with the media’s focus somewhere other than Trump, an unacceptable state of affairs for the president.

The usual suspects from last week, Puerto Rico and Steven Paddock continued to dominate the news, not only nationally but globally.

Not only that, but a Federal court blocked his cancellation of Obama’s anti-pollution regulations, so things were not going his way (not going his way means his name is not dominating every news cycle). The country more or less runs itself anyway, so Trump can concentrate on moving product and countering imminent threats like Rosie O’Donnell and Alec Baldwin.

Senseless, preventable deaths being the common theme, Trump promised an even worse storm in his week-ending cliffhanger to take the focus off current events, but it’s still unclear which of his own disasters he considers “the storm,” or if he was he referring to them collectively.

Things like spending a million taxpayer dollars to send his Vice President on an errand to protest the protesters at a football game in a carefully orchestrated 2-minute melodrama, while Trump quietly cancelled Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program, often the only meal of the day for some children. Care to hazard a guess as to which story got the ink?

Or denying women birth control for religious reasons by a man who practices no religion.

Perhaps it was his call to Senator Schumer for help fixing Obamacare after breaking his word to him on the Dreamers?

Trump announced he was reversing his deal with Democratic leadership to find a path to American Citizenship for 800,000 Dreamers, immigrants brought here as young children, with no demands for concessions, surprising the world by doing the right thing for change.

Of course that was too good to be true.

Reversing course, Trump is using Dreamers as hostages to get his wall built, hire 10,000 more Border Patrol Agents and pass the most restrictive immigration law ever proposed in this nation of immigrants.

So, in exchange for treating Dreamers like human beings, he demands the right to treat every other Latino in the Hemisphere like subhumans.

Speaking of breaking treaties with close allies, Trump is threatening to cancel the NAFTA trade agreement at the same time Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is campaigning to promote it.

Trump also placed the multi-nation nuclear treaty with Iran in limbo, leaving it up to Congress to impose sanctions, or ignore Trump’s decertification

He also neglected to mention the combat deaths of four American soldiers in Nigeria, or explain what they were doing in Nigeria and what war they were fighting.

These are some of the things that prompted Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee to call Trump’s White House an “Adult Day Care Center,” and another Republican Senator, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, to accuse him of “recanting on his oath of office” for threatening the existence of a Free Press after Trump threatened the Broadcasting License of NBC.

Trump took up the Twitter Challenge, calling Senator Corker “Liddle Bob” and of course “loser,” happy to have a new nemesis for his Tweeting, which had been getting a bit stale and predictable.

Having once again reclaimed the headlines, Trump announced he will fix Obamacare all by himself with a stroke of his pen, issuing an executive order creating cheap no-frills health insurance for working stiffs, the kind that doesn’t cover preexisting conditions, things like diabetes, cancer and not voting for him.

To insure further damage to Obamacare, Trump scrapped the Federal Health Care subsidies required to keep health insurance affordable. The money for tax cuts for the rich has to come from somewhere, and that means you.

The executive order will not take effect until 2019, once the pertinent federal agencies write and implement the required regulations, if the courts don’t kill it first.

Trump also appointed another enemy of clean renewable energy as his White House (!) Environmental Advisor.

He also sabotaged his Secretary of State’s delicate ongoing negotiations with North Korea to try and avoid a nuclear war, publicly declaring that he’s “wasting his time negotiating with Little Rocket Man,” then challenged Tillerson to an (!) IQ contest.

Lost in all the hoopla was the story of Republicans sniffing around the Arctic Wildlife Reserve for drilling oil again, every European leader plus the presidents of Russia and China unanimously condemning Trump for sabotaging the Iran Nuclear deal to which they were all signatories, and Trump’s Expense Account-abusing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin publicly admitting their proposed repeal of the Estate Tax would help wealthy people only.

Trump didn’t bother to show up for his weekly press conference, instead letting Chief of Staff General John Kelly handle questions on whether or not he’s quitting or getting fired in the next few days. All we need to hear is a ringing endorsement of Kelly from Trump and we’ll know he’s a goner.

To top off another chaotic and dismal week, Trump announced plans to address a White Supremacist Rally where, presumably, there will be some “quality people.”

If you are feeling weary and disoriented, that’s the idea. Stay focused.

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