As hard as it is to pick a Worst Week in The Trump Era, certainly Week #38 of will stand out when all is said and done for this train wreck of an administration.

Once again, Trump was not the main player at first, his headlines usurped for yet another unfair-to-him week by two killers, Hurricane Maria and the even deadlier Stephen Paddock, a dissolute former accountant from Texas who turned an outdoor concert in Las Vegas into a killing field, mowing down almost 600 people and killing 59 of them, using over a dozen automatic weapons from the 32nd floor of a neighboring hotel.

While somehow managing to stay on script while addressing this horrific tragedy, Trump and his spokespeople repeatedly insisted that (!) this was not the time to talk about gun control. That’s like your doctor telling you that you have cancer, but this is no time to talk about his plans to get rid your cancer.

Perhaps Paddock’s worst offense in Trump’s eyes was interrupting his attention-grabbling Twitter war with the Mayor of San Juan Carmen Cruz and the entire Puerto Rican population. Americans were suffering and dying in Puerto Rico as the days stretch into weeks without power and water and the Federal government lagging in its response, with one hospital having every patient in the ICU die needlessly when fuel for emergency generators ran out.

Things got (hard to imagine) even worse on Tuesday when Trump visited Puerto Rico. He met with every elected leader except Carmen Cruz, told people whose homes were destroyed to “have a good time,” then began his formal address by saying “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget out of whack!”

In a final and supremely insulting gesture to Puerto Ricans, Trump began throwing (!) rolls of paper towels into a crowd of displaced, desperate people like they were dogs scrambling for a treat.

Then Trump came home to find out his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had called him “ a fucking moron” at a Pentagon meeting and threatened to resign but was talked out of it by insiders fearful that Eric Trump would be his replacement.

Of course this kicked off a Tweeting and media storm of denials and fake news accusations, and speculation on whether or not Tillerson is the next guy fired from the show… um, rather the Trump Administration.

Between The Tillerson Moron Story and the Paper Towel Toss, Trump finally wrested the headlines back from Mother Nature and the Grim Reaper.

Almost lost in the Trump/Hurricane/Slaughter/Moron media cyclone were these events:

• 9 million poor children lost health care coverage overnight when Congress cancelled the CHIP program.

• HHS Secretary Tom Price resigned after racking up almost a million bucks in private Lear Jet excursions charged to Uncle Sam, while Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has charged taxpayers $800,000 to fly himself and his patrician trophy wife all over the place on military jets.

• Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that, in the absence of honorable gentlemen and delicate ladies being allowed to use the words “niggrah,” kike” or “wetback” anymore, that practicing job discrimination against transgenders will just have to suffice. For now, anyway.

•Trump scrapped Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a clear victory for 20th Century technology and serial polluters, then nominated a coal lobbyist for the #2 job at the EPA.

* Pennsylvania Republic Congressman and new GOP Poster Boy Tim Murphy resigned after reports that he pressured his lover to have an abortion even though he is publicly anti-abortion.

•Robert Mueller’s team revealed they interviewed former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, whose damaging dossier on Trump blew the Russian Collusion Scandal wide open.

• The NRA has temporarily allowed Republicans to say bad things about the bump stock conversion kits that allow rifles to be turned into machine guns, pending a 2nd Amendment conscience review once this pesky Vegas story has died down.

Reverting to Reality Television mode, Trump ended Week #38 with a cliffhanger, scaring the shit out of his generals by saying this was “the calm before the storm.” When asked what storm, he told them only “You will see.”

Must we?

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