Trump’s presidency hits the Big 3-0 today, 30 weeks of unbroken triumph in Making America Great Again. Least that was Plan A. Plans B through Y didn’t work out either, so now Trump is operating under Plan Z, which is basically do whatever it takes to avoid prison, up to and including starting a nuclear war.

Still holed up in his New Jersey golf resort while the White House undergoes repairs, Trump has proved versatile enough to be a menace to civilization from just about any Trump-owned property. First thing he did Friday was threaten (!) Venezuela with invasion. No word on what prompted this outburst, a Ouija Board, spinning wheel or the Crazy 8 Ball are as good a guess as any.

You’d think these two catastrophic pronouncements would be plenty enough in the Stunning Development Department for one week, but no, there’s more. Much more…

Trump’s racist base finally exploded in triumphant fury in Charlottesville Virginia over the weekend, when White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and the KKK held a march by Tiki Torchlight protesting the removal of Civil War monuments. Wherever such racists march for any reason, protesters gather, and one young Nazi plowed his car full speed into a crowd of them, killing one woman and injuring nineteen.

Not just our nation, but the entire world was stunned at one more American orgy of fatal racial hatred. This was one of those moments when presidents earn their money, when their words and thoughtful response matter so deeply, and they soothe and unite a grieving nation.

However… Obama isn’t president anymore, and Donald Trump poured gasoline on the fire.

Trump blamed both sides for the violence and refused to mention the words “Ku Klux Klan,” “Neo-Nazis” or “White Supremacists,” infuriating everyone who is not a Ku Klux Klan member, a Neo-Nazi or White Supremacist.

On Sunday the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived in South Korea to try to smooth over Trump’s nuclear war shitstorm, while the rest of his administration was leaving skidmarks all over Washington trying furiously to explain that Trump really meant to condemn White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis when he repeatedly refused to condemn White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis.

White House spokespeople singled out a press corps for once again insisting on reporting the president’s exact words instead of the reasonable statements he surely intended to make.

Such was the universal pressure on Trump to clarify his remarks, he was forced on Monday to make a clear statement unequivocally branding “the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and other hate groups” as evil and unwelcome in America.

The references to affection, love, and joy left everyone on Earth wondering who wrote the speech for him, but to his credit, Trump didn’t produce any Electoral College Maps, and admirably refrained from his trademark uncomfortable ad-libs to ruin the moment.

That would have to wait 24 hours.

Sneaking suspicions he was not sincere were confirmed the very next day when Trump threw the Kumbaya speech under the bus, once again assigning equal blame to Nazis and people who are not Nazis. The president was expansive, assured and eager to engage on the topic of White Supremacists and Nazis, showing a command and familiarity he has displayed with exactly no other topics since he sworn in.

One supposes everyone has their areas where they shine, but you wonder where is this knowledgeable and confident guy when the conversation turns to anything to do with his job.

The unthinkable happened in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday when terrorists plowed a van into a crowd, killing 14 and injuring scores, with ISIS claiming credit for the attack.

This was Trump’s chance to redeem himself by issuing a strong message of support and love for Spain, and he did just that, releasing a powerful and touching statement about resisting terror and standing together.

That stood up for about 40 minutes, when he went off the rails again, talking about pig’s blood and slandering an iconic American General for torturing Islamic prisoners of war in the Philippines, a complete fabrication that never happened. For any other prominent person, this assertion would be career-ending disaster and rightfully so, but in this upside-down world of the Trump Era this is just “Trump being Trump.” Which leads the rest of us to ask “Can’t Trump try being someone else for a change?”

This was supposed to be a quiet Week in Review; a president on vacation, things quiet in DC, nothing much to report, etc, etc… but NOOOOO! While on vacation in-between rounds of golf, Trump managed to flirt with nuclear war, threaten to invade a hemispheric neighbor and set race relations back 75 years in this country.

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