Week #29 if the Trump era was unique in that it dawned quietly, with no dire panic or crazy events taking place in Washington. No, President Trump did not all of a sudden start acting like a man, but went on a working vacation for the next 17 days at his New Jersey golf resort while the White House undergoes repairs.

And by “working,” he means golf and Twitter. He threw a temper tantrum about being rained out of a golf game, which of course meant he was going to take it out on someone, anyone.

Now, to most people, getting rained out of playing golf is not the end of the world. Most people, however, are not Donald Trump, the Perfect Storm of a petulant madman suddenly having the ability to literally make the whole world pay for every perceived insult and the ugly unfairness of him not getting his own way always.

With the news exploding of a predawn raid on Trump Campaign chairman Paul Manifort’s house by the FBI, Robert Mueller’s Grand Jury proceedings and a groundswell of support for Vice President Pence, Trump needed something huge to distract attention from what might be the biggest scandal in American history.

He could have just fired someone again or blamed everything on Obama and Hillary, but no, Mr Best President Ever had to go big or go home, so he decided to traumatize the entire planet. Even worse, a lot of his supporters turned out to be very eager to annihilate millions.

In the face of worldwide outrage and scorn, Trump then doubled down on his threats, saying his original statement promising to deliver “fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen” on North Korea was “not tough enough.”

The President’s Twitter followers eagerly await the Official Tweets explaining what exactly is tougher than fire and fury.

And that was pretty much the Week in Trump; golf, angry Tweets, fire and fury. So much for there being any slow weeks in The Trump Era, even when the guy’s on vacation

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