Ironically, Trump declared this week National Hurricane Awareness Week, then delivered several of his own. Week #16 kicked off with Trump unveiling his “Summer White House” in New Jersey, “The Trump National Bedminster.” Mara-A-Lago is closing for the season, so a Third Trump property now gets to earn income from accommodating the presidential retinue and get a free security upgrade worth millions, perhaps its own helipad. Trump had no events scheduled except for Tweeting his complaints about the multiple investigations into his Russian connections, old news about some company moving to Mexico, and a call for the Senate to pass the doomed health care replacement bill.

What was shaping up as a quiet week (for Trump, anyway) blew up in America’s face on Monday when Sally Yates and James Clapper testified before the Senate about the possibility of Trump facing charges of treason along with dozens of members of his campaign staff and administration personnel. The American people were enraged that their country was burning down, while Republicans Senators reserved their anger for whoever pulled the fire alarm, trying to accuse these 2 former heads of federal agencies of leaking sensitive material, while Trump accused only Ms. Yates of that crime.

On Tuesday things got worse. Scheduled for his regular debriefing by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov Russian and Russian Ambassador and Spymaster Sergey I. Kislyak, Trump decided to fire FBI Director James Comey so he would have something positive to report to his Russian handlers. He met with them in the Oval Office accompanied only by Russian news media, no American press allowed. 

The nation freaked out over a president firing the guy investigating him (not our first rodeo, and the last guy to pull that stunt had to get out of Dodge pronto, steps ahead of a lynch mob), so Trump went into Twitter overdrive lying about the case against him, falsely claiming that Comey told him three (count ‘em!) times that he was not the target of any investigation, and trying to somehow blame (!) Hillary Clinton for the whole mess, the main victim of Comey’s last foray into the public eye. Some speculate that he was still angry at Comey for getting him into this godawful mess. In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump lied his ass off in response to every question, completely unfazed by Mr. Holt’s spluttering attempts to point out his crazy lies.

During this maelstrom of a week, Trump found time to sign yet another vague and unenforceable Executive Order mandating an investigation into his bizarre claim that 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants voted in the 2016 election. No one is sure if this one was designed to prove to his supporters that he means business, or to make himself feel better about an imaginary issue he simply cannot let go, nor is it clear which agency is charged with investigating pink elephants. 

Trump also had to suffer hearing one of his National Security Deputies praising the Obama administration for their foresight in installing advanced cybersecurity measures when he signed an Executive order relating to further strengthen internet security, to avoid things like, oh… um… foreign nations hacking our elections, if such a think is imaginable.

To add insult to injury, Interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe directly contradicted Trump when he told Congress that the FBI rank and file firmly support James Comey and the investigations into the Russia Scandal would continue with no interaction with the president. Lucky for Trump his Russian debriefing was over by then, so he’s got a couple of months until the next one to pull some other crazy stunts to distract everybody. Brace yourselves.

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