Trump started his 15th week by making a speech at the National Rifle Association, then interrupted an interview with 3 Reuters reporters to present them each with colored maps of his Electoral College victory. He went on to say he misses his old life and thought being president (!) “would be easier.” He spent an unprecedented second weekend in a row in Washington, though he found time Saturday to attend a rally in Pennsylvania celebrating his first 100 days in office.

Since his only accomplishment was appointing a Supreme Court Justice, he had to do a lot of lying to his supporters, who expect no less from the man they voted for in spite of everything he is and everything he says.

On Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, Trump went bonkers (even by his standards) when he praised 2 murderous thugs, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, even going so far as to invite Duterte to the USA for a State Visit and offering to meet with Kim, saying he “would be honored to do so.” 

But it gets better (way worse). How can he top cozying up to Murdercrats, you ask? Easy for Trump. In an interview with Sirius radio, he mangled American history in a mind-boggling display of ignorance and pure fantasy in answer to a question no one asked. Trump claimed Andrew Jackson spoke out against the Civil War, a war that took place 16 years after his death, then said (!) no one knew why the Civil War happened, in spite of about a bazillion scholarly works on why the Civil War happened. 

Wait there’s more. Really, there is.

He would have negotiated a great deal that avoided The Civil War. Let that sink in awhile, negotiated a great deal that avoided The Civil War. Take that, accusing bust of Abraham Lincoln! 

Being on a roll giving interviews, Monday morning Trump sat down in the Oval Office with respected CBS journalist John Dickerson, and was having a good old time insulting Dickerson personally and journalists in general until he suddenly cut the interview short when asked a question he didn’t like, then sat at his desk sulking and shuffling blank sheets of paper while the camera rolled. He did, however, manage to sum up his 100 days as President for CBS: “I stand by nothing.”

Tuesday Trump invited religious leaders to witness him signing an Executive Order allowing them to deny them human rights to American citizens, ignoring the United States Constitution and headed for court nullification before the ink is dry, just like most of his Executive Orders. He knows they’re unenforceable horseshit, but good hocus-pocus for the cheap seats.

When Republicans in Congress decided to hold another vote on their quest to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump again showed he never read their replacement bill, unaware, for example, that they gutted his promise to the American people that preexisting conditions would absolutely be included. Gone.

To be fair to Trump, the bill is longer than a Tweet, has tricky words, and no pictures. When the House voted to repeal on Wednesday, Trump and Republican leaders celebrated together, high-fiving and laughing their asses off at the prospect of stripping 24 million Americans of health care and causing 40,000 preventable deaths a year. It was filmed, so future generations can’t deny they laughed and smirked at America’s pain. 

Wednesday evening the president returned to New York City for the first time since his inauguration, where he was greeted with scattered rain showers and protest marches. He met with Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull, where Trump told him Australia has much better health care than America (single payer universal health care by the way), then made a speech at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea after an aide explained to him exactly in which war the Battle of the Coral Sea happened.

He didn’t spend the night at home in Trump tower with the lovely wife and young son, instead beating it out of town after a few hours to promote yet another Trump property across the river in New Jersey, the Trump Something-Or-Other Golfing Hotel, where he will spend another 4-day “working” weekend, forcing the Secret Service to spend another fortune creating a security perimeter at a third Trump asset. Shrugging off his second straight appointee as Army Secretary withdrawing his name from consideration (this time over Mark Green’s anti LBTQ and anti-science views), Donald Trump went to work.

On his chip shot.

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