Still basking in the glow of dropping the Mother Of All Bombs on a handful of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan and bombing an empty airfield in Syria, Trump declared he was sending a war fleet steaming towards North Korea. Only problem with that was that the fleet was apparently under the command of Admiral Waldo, who promptly sailed in the opposite direction, heading towards Australia. World opinion has now added “The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight” to “The Gang That Can’t Think Straight” as the go-to description of the Trump Administration. He spent an extended Easter weekend at Mar-A-Lago with “no public schedule,” keeping himself busy on Twitter, threatening North Korea, insulting China and oh, by the way, revealing that from now on the White House Visitor logs would be kept secret for the first time in American history.

He returned to work on Monday in time for the annual White House Easter Egg roll, where he stole a little boy’s hat and tossed it into the assembled crowd. Twice. He laughed off this cruel humiliation of a child, and the whole ugly episode lifted his spirits. Then it was back to Twitter, now officially the go-to vehicle for Trump Administration policy announcements, the 140 character limit ideal for his short attention span and lack of aptitude for technical details.

There were no Tweets, however, explaining the status of the “full report getting to the bottom of Russian hacking within 90 days” that Trump promised when the 90th day of his presidency passed on April 19th. The fact is that no such report is being compiled by anyone in the Trump Administration, unless of course you count the many professional investigators looking into Trump’s and his subordinates’ treasonous dealings with Russia. The Justice Department’s lead prosecutor in the Russian Scandal resigned on Thursday, throwing the Justice Department’s investigation into turmoil for the moment, but multiple investigations by various federal agencies are moving forward.

Just in case his confusing saber rattling against Syria and North Korea weren’t enough to distract us from his administration’s constant dismantling of our job safety, environmental and financial protection regulations, President Trump decided to pick a fight with Iran by threatening to cancel the Iran Nuclear Treaty that headed off an international crisis under President Obama. Insulting foreign leaders and creating international crises however, seems to be this president’s hobby. Either that, or he’s trying desperately to divert our attention from his record low approval ratings, the failure of his travel bans, the collapse of his health care repeal/replace farce and the fact that the storied First 100 Days is almost up, and the long list of accomplishments he said he would deliver by then are not even on the drawing board. Add “being president” to health care and North Korea on the list of things President Trump has discovered are “unbelievably complicated.” Luckily for the rest of us, the last day of Week 13 of The Siege was 4/20, so light ‘em if ya got ‘em and wish Godspeed to our intrepid investigators.

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