Week 11 begins with Trump trying to change the national conversation from his administration’s ever-expanding Russian Collusion Scandal to an imaginary scandal he made up on the spot about the Obama Administration, and blaming jealous Democrats for the Russian flag tattoo on his ass. He spent his second weekend in a row in Washington, signing a series of executive orders designed to “take America back.” Way back, to approximately 1897. 

Bored in the White House on Sunday, Trump threatened to ignite Word War 3 by attacking North Korea unilaterally, announcing “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all I am telling you.” This is the same North Korea led by a younger unstable madman than our own unstable madman, and in possession of nuclear missiles capable of devastating its near neighbors, Japan and South Korea, those nations also being home base to tens of thousands of American military personnel.

The Donald then celebrated National Woman’s Month by repealing Obama’s anti-gender discrimination and equal pay rules for government contractors, dooming millions more American workers to second-class status for the foreseeable future. On Wednesday Trump removed Chief Strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council because he was getting more ink and more respect than his boss, so now Bannon will need a new couch to sleep on. Representative Devin Nunes was forced to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee investigation into the Russia scandal when it turned out he is one of the main suspects as well as lead investigator, somewhat of a conflict of interest.

In anticipation of his upcoming impeachment trial, Trump signed an executive order changing the order of succession for the recused Attorney General Sessions, in an attempt to handpick the Attorney General prosecuting the case, presumably hoping to choose a Treason-Friendly prosecutor.

Thursday found Trump flying down to Mar-a-Lago early for a 4 day working weekend meeting with Chinese President Xi, but that was overshadowed by him putting on a $90 million show in Syria. Supposedly as a reaction to Assad’s alleged chemical attack on Syrian civilians (the same people he refuses to accept as refugees), Trump, without notifying Congress as per law, ordered a missile strike on a Syria airbase, but not before warning Syrian President Assad’s sponsors and allies (also Trump’s main sponsor and ally), Russia, who in turn warned the Syrians, so America wound up causing 7 casualties with 59 cruise missiles at a nearly deserted Syrian Air Fore base (only one plane was destroyed). A military waste of resources and a global diplomatic disaster, the attack did, however, accomplish its main objective, impressing the dumbasses in America that make up his base and boosting his plummeting approval ratings. Since Xi does not golf and likely won’t relish his State Visit being rendered a footnote by the attack on Syria, it is anyone’s guess how much work the two will get done on the many sensitive issues confronting our 2 nations. Week 12 promised to be more of the same amateurish blundering.

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