Phew! Trump began a busy week by slamming transgender students and insulting Senator Elizabeth Warren and every Native American. He then spent his 6th of 24 days as president on a Trump property, golfing with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan at Mar-A-Lago. It was there he told of a ballistic missile test by North Korea, then dealt with this crisis in public rather than retire to a secure area, an unprecedented breach of national security. Back in DC, Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who taught him how to shake hands, then threatened to “shake up” his staff and had his United Nations Ambassador issue a veiled threat of war against North Korea and China. Tuesday the shit hit the fan when National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign over his improper contact with senior Russian intelligence officials. Turns out Flynn was just one of many Team Trump member to do so when the CIA monitoring the Russian officials’ phone calls discovered their activities, and that Trump had been aware of this for weeks. This set off a flurry of contradictory explanations from the president and his spokespeople, with Stephen Miller emerging as the administration’s most bizarre and repulsive propagandist to date (no easy feat). Trump himself made things worse with a Twitter tantrum alternately blaming The NY Times, the Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC for reporting “fake news and conspiracy theories,” when they reported on information provided by the Federal Government, then claimed the “Russian connection nonsense” was an attempt by Democrats to (!) cover up Hillary Clinton’s campaign errors. Wednesday he met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and threw out the USA’s longstanding commitment to a 2-state solution, promising to promote “a great peace deal,” then nominated an unstable loudmouth to be Ambassador to Israel. He blamed the media’s unfair treatment for his Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Pudzer’s withdrawal from consideration, then accused the FBI and NSA of criminal leaks of classified material to the press. He also had his Secretary of Defense publicly threaten to weaken the NATO alliance, music to the ears of Trump sponsor Vladimir Putin. Thursday, he attempted to explain the chaos in his White House by saying he inherited a mess while at the same time trying to take credit for Obama’s booming Dow Jones numbers, then threatened to hire a billionaire with no experience in intelligence to investigate American Intelligence agencies, as Admiral Harwood declined to take Flynn’s old job and 6 of Trump’s White House staffers failed FB background checks and were dismissed. Other than that, though…

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