12 Drummers DrummingThe Winter Festival of All Hallows that began on Halloween in Medieval England, where the Lord of Misrule turned the world upside down or some such nonsense in a combination of Celtic, Roman and Pagan celebrations, somehow  surrendered its final day to Christmas Season, making tonight


If that’s not clear as a bell, Twelfth Night (aka Three Kings Day) is now the 12th Day of Christmas, the day of 12 Drummers Drumming, and everyone knows that drum circles are always your cue to make a beeline for the door, party’s over. Today’s Christmas season is far longer than in Medieval Days, starting just after Labor Day and lasting until today, at which point we’ve all expended our reservoir of good cheer until next Christmastide. After today, down comes the tree, the lights, the trimmings and all pretense of good will towards men. It’s freezing and winter’s just begun, and a scowl will be your umbrella for the duration. So make the best of it; raise a glass of mead, make the 3 Kings at home or dance around the Winter Solstice totem, it’s all good. Whatever your reason to celebrate Twelfth Night, make it count and make it last, ’tis a long time ’til Spring.

•Suggested Activities: Breaking every New Year’s resolution.

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