Week #100 of the Trump Era started on Pearl Harbor Day, a day of solemn remembrance for most of us, but more of a reenactment for Donald Trump.

Friday began with Trump throwing himself another pity party on Twitter, whimpering about Comey, Mueller, Cohen, the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, his former Secretary of State and other prominent people and institutions that are not being investigated for anything, a state of affairs Trump finds highly suspicious.

After all, as of now, Trump’s business empire, his charity (begins at home!) foundation, his election campaign, his transition team, his inaugural committee and his administration are all under criminal investigation. Small wonder he considers it the norm. Before the day was up, he would become the Unindicted Coconspirator in 2 serious crimes.

As far as doing actual President business, Trump did manage to nominate William P. Barr to replace his favorite whipping boy Jeff Sessions, at least getting something out of George H.W. Bush’s funeral, his old Attorney General. Then he appointed his 15th or 16th former Fox News celebrity to an important Government post when he named Heather Nauert to be the next Ambassador to the United Nations, and announced that the last remaining adult in the White House was bailing when he revealed that his Chief of Staff John Kelly would be leaving by the end of the year.

Then the Courts of Law and mainstream news operations opened for business throughout the land… and it rained bombs from James Comey, Paul Manafort, David Pecker and once again Michel Cohen, a coordinated attack orchestrated not only by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but  unwittingly by Trump himself, whose own actions and associations are the only reasons why the office of the Special Counsel and its Russia investigation exist in the first place.

First Mueller hauled former Trump Campaign Chairman and current Stool Pigeon Paul Manafort back to court for violating his plea bargain agreement by lying to the Special Counsel, accusing him of lying to Congress and making other false statements to investigators about a number of topics, which prompted the Senate to remind Mueller than maybe a lot of people (they named names) besides Manafort and Cohen lied to them on Trump’s behalf, thus opening several more cans of worms for Mueller to examine carefully. 

This dramatic turn of events, coupled with James Comey’s sideshow of testimony at a “closed hearing” before the Senate, wrested the nation’s attention from Trump’s whining and back onto the Russia connection that threatens to engulf this Administration. 

The day’s biggest disaster for Trump, however, came from the Southern District of New York, where Cohen spoke in court at his pre-sentencing hearing. In short, Michael Cohen’s characterization of his years as Trump’s criminal henchman was sort like this: Individual 1, strange visitor from Queens who, disguised as an ill-mannered gameshow host-turned-presidential-candidate, sold pieces of tall buildings to foreign mobsters and tyrants to launder their blood money, leaped tax laws and business regulations in a single bound, and was able to stop speeding exposés of his extramarital affairs with cold hard cash.

Also pleading guilty to being a party to Trump’s and Cohen’s porn star and Playboy Bunny payoff scheme was American Media Inc., publisher of the National Enquirer and run by Trump’s friend David Pecker, who admitted they made 2 illegal payments in coordination with the Trump Campaign totaling $280,000 for the purpose of influencing the 2016 election.

So, just like that, President Individual 1 is accused of 2 felonies by the United States Justice Department, one of which landed Michael Cohen in prison, and his week had just begun. You know, for the next time a Trump supporter asks you “What crimes?”

The weekend turned into a Craig’s List Search for a new Chief of Staff after he was turned down by Pence’s Chief of Staff Nick Ayers and several other prominent Republicans. Either the endless parade of ruined lives in Trump’s orbit has discouraged top talent from risking their reputations and their lives on the good side of prison bars, or they are waiting for a better offer from President Pence, hard to tell.

Monday was no better for Trump when it was announced that Russian spy Maria Butina pled guilty to spying against the United States and conspiring with both her Russian spymasters and prominent American nationals to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. While this case was not part of the Special Counsel’s investigation, the information and the crimes described in her guilty plea interlock seamlessly with the Russian operation to subvert the 2016 election. 

Ms. Butina admitted in open court that her activities and the progress on her efforts to use the National Rifle Association to funnel millions of dollars in illegal Russian campaign contributions to the Trump campaign were reported directly to Vladimir Putin, and would result in “future leverage” (blackmail opportunities) for Russia with the powerful NRA. It is further stated that she arranged for many prominent Russian officials and oligarchs (translation: ruthless spies and mob bosses) to be invited to Trump’s inauguration (whose same Inauguration Committee would be revealed to be under criminal investigation this week), and being instrumental in trying to set up the infamous “back channel to the Kremlin,” between Trump and Putin in order to create “political synergy” (translation: puppet strings) between Moscow and Washington, an area of investigation endangering the ability of both Trump’s son Donald Junior and his son-in-law Jared Kushner to stay out of prison.

Tuesday brought some good news for Trump when Stormy Daniels was ordered to pay him $292,000 for legal fees incurred in the now-dismissed defamation suit she brought against him, something about which he didn’t even have ample time to smirk, or to properly praise Michael Flynn, who made an impassioned plea to stay out of jail at his own pre-sentencing hearing that day.

It seems Trump’s day was totally ruined by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tag-teaming him on camera in the Oval Office, where he lost control of himself as he spluttered threats to shut down the government if he does not get his wall funding, like a whiny little boy threatening to take his ball and go home if we don’t play by my rules.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence sat through the whole heated confrontation silent as a Mime, presumably lost in visions of sugarplums and his name on the Oval Office door, and not lifting a finger to bail out his president from a severe mugging. It was an eye-opening window into things to come in January, and left us wondering when Nancy Pelosi will break off her other high heel in Trump’s ass. It’s no accident that Tuesday is the day is finally dawned on Trump’s that he really might be impeached, removed from office and tossed in the slammer. 

It was in this atmosphere that Michael Flynn asked the judge for no prison time for the crime of lying to the FBI to which he has pled guilty, making the risky argument that the FBI mislead him into confessing his crimes, in perhaps an open attempt at wrangling a Presidential Pardon.

On Wednesday came Michael Cohen’s sentencing and another eloquent condemnation of everything Trump, including straightforward admissions of criminal acts committed in concert with Trump, and he was sentenced to 3 years in Federal prison, with the understanding that if he fully cooperates with prosecutors of the Southern District of New York (separate from the Mueller investigation, which was happy with Cohen’s cooperation) regarding previous crimes of his own and in concert with Trump, he may see his jail time reduced.

Most expected a classic Trump Twitter meltdown, but he remained uncharacteristically silent, only muttering “he’s a liar” to aides, about a convicted felon that was his personal lawyer and a senior executive in his business. For a dozen years, Trump was not only consorting with a felon, but made him a senior executive in the Trump Organization, authorized to represent Trump at the highest international levels in pursuit of real estate deals, including the top echelons of the Kremlin where he and Trump aggressively pursued funding and official approval for Trump Tower Moscow all through the election campaign.

Also on Wednesday, after admitting their guilt at attempting to influence the 2016 election, came another National Enquirer bombshell, that Trump was indeed present and actively directing the meeting where it was decided when and how to buy the silence of his former mistresses, and how to cover it up, another very serious felony of which the Justice Department is accusing the President of The United Sates.

Even his former Republican toadies in the Senate balked at all these revelations, and followed through on last week’s threat to vote to curb Trump’s war powers when it comes to aiding Saudi Arabia to crush and starve Yemen, and resolved to hold the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman directly responsible for the death and dismemberment of Washington Post report Jamal Khashoggi, in defiance of Trump’s attempted coverup and forgiveness of the Saudis.

Trump closed out his milestone hundredth week in office with an (again, even for him) incoherent and rambling Fox News interview, making all kinds of absolutely insane claims and accusations, including one where his asserted that his own Justice Department agreed to let Michael Cohen plead guilty to (!) 2 imaginary crimes in order to “embarrass the president” in exchange for a lenient sentence for the real crimes he committed all by himself (No Collusion, No Collusion, No Collusion!). If there isn’t a word that means sad and scary all at once, now would be a good time to invent one.

While Trump was suddenly (falsely) claiming that his new NAFTA deal is making Mexico pay for the wall, we got the belated news that a 7 year-old girl has quietly died of dehydration while in Border Patrol Custody, thanks to Trump’s family separation policy. She was a drink of water and a nurse’s attention away from living, but she died inside a cage in one of Trump’s Children’s Concentration Camps, which just passed the 15,000 child prisoners mark.

This has been a report from DOPOTO, the Department Of Pointing Out The Obvious.

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