If there is any positive outcome to this week’s open celebration of sexual abuse in the White House and the Senate, it is that the Time’s Up movement that aims to pave the way to an end of socially accepted sexual assault has been expanded and mainstreamed, with the majority of American men standing up for women in opposition to the abusers and rapists in their ranks, finally rejecting their eternal toleration of misogyny and sexual abuse. Sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to drive home an obvious truth, that Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and Trump is nothing if not a sledgehammer to the mind and the senses.

Just as Republicans were getting ready to do a victory lap and confirm Randy Fratboy as a Supreme Court Justice to begin Week #90 of The Trump Era on Friday, one of their own threw a monkey wrench in the works when Senator Flake of Nevada insisted upon a one-week delay in the voting so the FBI can investigate all the new claims of sexual abuse and blackout drinking against Judge Kavanaugh.

This was Trump’s cue to stick his foot in his mouth knee-deep. In a world where it has always been dangerous times to be a woman, Trump declared “these are dangerous times to be a young man.” This from a man who has spent his entire life posing a clear and present danger to women as an unpunished and very publicly enthusiastic sexual predator, inciting the vicious slander and humiliation against victims of sexual assault in order to discourage other victims from speaking out.

The opposite has happened, with women from all walks of life spontaneously counting all the incidents of sexual abuse and violence they have been lucky enough to survive in the course of their lives, and double-checking their Voter Registration status, and men who are sick and tired of being labelled, libeled and defined by the predators among them. The Me Too And Time’s Up movements aren’t going anywhere, they are here to stay in spite of the furious pushback from predators seeing their prey unite against them. These are dangerous times only for men who have done dangerous things to the vulnerable.

Week #90 swiftly grew ugly as well as absurd (absurd being the new normal), a week where Trump didn’t do much presidential stuff, spending most of the week in his safe space, on the road for a series of campaign rallies beginning on Saturday in Wheeling, West Virginia, where he dropped this TMI gem about his “relationship“ with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un on his audience of unsuspecting (and unemployed) coal miners:

“I was really being tough, and so was he. And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love, okay? No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters. We fell in love.”

When asked to comment on this bizarre tidbit, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders threw up in her mouth a little bit and moved on the the next question ASAP.

On Sunday a new trade deal was announced with Canada to replace NAFTA, basically the same deal as NAFTA with some very minor new provisions inserted, provisions that were drawn up long ago by… wait for it… (!) the Obama Administration, then rebranded as a Trump product. Campaign promise kept! Winning! Bill Clinton’s and Obama’s work claimed as his own with no effort in his part, the Art of The Steal! Surely now it was victory lap time!

Only there would be no victory laps to be had while the media focus remained riveted on the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing before the Senate, which had devolved into an X-Rated Jerry Springer Show highlight reel, prompting Trump to hedge his bets on Monday by throwing Kavanaugh under the bus when he said Kavanugh’s accuser, Doctor Christine Ford, had been ”very credible,” a momentary lapse into sanity that would not last very long.

The very next day Trump reassured his confused base that he was still the reigning Queen of Mean by saying how scary a time this is in America for young men who, to hear Trump tell it, are all only one un-silenced victim away from complete ruination.  When asked about how scary a time it has always been for women, Trump respond with a leer and hissed “Women are doing great.” 

Rather than doing what a president is supposed to do and discourage the vicious humiliation of women accusing men of sexual attacks (again, that guy’s not president anymore), Trump picked up the flag and led the charge at a rally in Mississippi, performing a tone deaf and tastelessly bizarre comedy schtick with a cruel imitation of Doctor Ford, a shameless performance even for a 3rd rate comic warming up the audience at a strip club, but absolutely unthinkable for a world leader. 

Not only that, he lied about Doctor Ford’s sworn testimony, claiming she had forgotten things about which she had clearly testified she remembered quite well. We are well past a president breaking precedent by mentioning (and potentially compromising) ongoing investigations, and are now at the point where the President of The United States is openly mocking an alleged victim of a crime and actively hampering the investigation into potential criminals acts of his own nominee, leaving us wondering if Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from this case too or has just given up on trying to run an independent and unbiased Justice Department.

This was 2016 Campaign vintage Trump, when he humiliated a handicapped man with a vicious pantomime of the man’s disability like that mean fat kid in the schoolyard who wasn’t raised right. Well, this mean fat kid who wasn’t raised right grew up to be a lifelong sexual predator who was elected president with 19 sexual assault allegations hanging over his head, while tapes of himself bragging about his habit of forcing himself on women were in wide circulation, which speaks volumes about the character (such as it is) of his supporters. 

Indeed, his loyal base took their cue from President Pussy Grabber and ran with it, and has spent the week laughing at the pain and humiliation of rape victims while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vows to seat Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court by Saturday afternoon, regardless of the results of the latest FBI investigation. 

And speaking this latest FBI investigation, it was doomed from the beginning by the severe limitations in scope imposed on it, and out of 40 potential witnesses who contacted the FBI and volunteered to testify, only 9 were interviewed, none of them being Judge Kavanaugh or Doctor Ford. 

300 women were arrested at the Hart Senate Building for protesting Kavanugh’s nomination, and true to form, Trump lied and said they were being paid to protest, calling them “paid professionals paid by Soros and others” with exactly no evidence to back up this cruel and dismissive lie.

Week #90 ended with the same cliffhanger as last week’s show, with the fate of Brett Kavanaugh hanging in the balance and President Trump gearing up for more whistle stops on the endless MAGA tour that is the only place where he feels welcome, even if a growing number of Republican candidates don’t want his “help” in their campaigns for reelection, figuring that’s sort of like having the Grim Reaper as the Guest of Honor at Grandpa’s Birthday party.

At least some Republicans realize that election day is a month away, women are furious and so are men, and if Kavanaugh is confirmed the Blue Wave they fear will become a tsunami of Democratic victories, many of them women. That’s the Time’s Up moment they would like to avoid, if only they could get Trump to shut his big yap for a month. Not likely.

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