Week #76 dawned on Friday with Trump killing his own party’s  immigration reform bill via Tweet, when he urged Congress to ignore the issue until after the election. Which makes a perverse sort of Trumpian sense because they seem to have imprisoned all those children without keeping track of who they belong to, and have no plan in place to ever release them.

A Federal judge, however, wasn’t buying Trump’s Kiddie Concentration Camps or his delaying tactics, and ordered the INS to reunite all immigrant families within 30 days, and children under age 5 within 14 days.

The White House response was hiding the children from the public eye (or legal inspection) for 2 weeks, and having the Navy draw up plans to imprison 25,000 immigrants on 2 military bases for $233 million.

One dubious benefit of the Trump Administration’s Fascistic solution to immigration is that Americans were able to easily identify the Fascists among us by their passionate defense of Children’s Concentration Camps in the face of almost universal outrage and condemnation.

On Monday Trump had another public meltdown that we will leave to trained psychiatrists to decipher, such was his rambling incoherence and alarmingly needy pleading for recognition as a smart person. 

It was another of his Therapy Rallies, this time on behalf of a South Dakota Senatorial candidate he barely mentioned (as usual making it all about himself). So common are his frightening breakdowns and pathetic pleas for praise (over and above his own lavish self-aggrandizement like “I’m smarter than anybody” and a thousand other weak boasts), and his unmasked madness are now an (!) accepted norm for his presidency.

Declaring himself and his followers to be the “Super Elite” of America (Dang, “Master Race” was already taken!), he again obsessed about Hillary Clinton, called our free press “the enemy of the people,” waxed eloquent about rockets, his imaginary Space Force and (!) claiming Mars as a US colony, then capped it off by referencing (!) upscale recreational boating in a land-locked farming state. 

When Harley Davison Motorcycles announced plans to move some manufacturing plants overseas as a direct result of Trump’s trade war, the president went ballistic on the company, calling them “cowardly” and threatening to “tax them like never before” (which is of course illegal) for moving American jobs overseas. 

Trump gave no timetable on his plans or those of his daughter to move their own manufacturing operations of Trump products out of China and back to America, most likely because they have no such plans, preferring to lead by fiat rather than example. Do as I say, not as I do! 

On Tuesday Trump got some good news, which translates to horrifying news for America, when his latest Muslim Travel Ban was upheld by the Supreme Court, spitting in the eye of the Statue of Liberty and American history.

Then Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy gave Trump another gift, the announcement of his retirement from the Court, giving Trump another Supreme Court pick, who he will likely choose from a list of unqualified reactionaries supplied by Sean Hannity.

Ha has already hired Hannity’s pick for Deputy White House Chief of Staff in Charge of Communications, former TV executive Bill Shine of Fox News who was fired as a result of the  multiple sexual harassment scandals involving Fox personnel. That ought to further cripple an already limping White House Communications staff.

Trump also denied that his current Chief of Staff John Kelly is resigning, a sure sign the General has had enough of this amateur dog & pony show and will definitely be resigning in the near future.

He also declared that North Korea will be “denuclearizing very soon” in spite of reports that Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear program is getting a fresh upgrade, and doubling down on his praise of the little monster that fed his own uncle to the dogs (one supposes this is an example of him “being tough” and “a great negotiator” according to Trump).

John Bolton went to Russia to arrange Trump’s debriefing by his master Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next month, hot on the heels of reports of dozens of Kremlin-connected ultra wealthy Russians attending Trump inaugural events and having personal meetings with Trump and his closest aides, and the president demanding we “normalize” relations with Russia and readmit her to the G7 in spite of their continuing military occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine and the mounting evidence of Russia’s electoral sabotage of America that resulted in Trump being elected president. 

Speaking of Russia, Trump’s allies in Congress attacked the Russian Collusion investigation with viciously gleeful gusto, grilling Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s boss mercilessly for hours, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, demanding that he turn over documents to them that would compromise an ongoing investigation and that he wrap up the investigation ASAP (the same people who investigated Benghazi for 4 long years, resulting in no charges or indictments).

Mr. Rosenstein basically told them where to get off, and refused to break the law (and our justice system) so they can compromise the investigation into the president by showing Trump the confidential evidence and testimony against him.

Meanwhile, Paul Manifort sits in prison awaiting multiple felony trials and Mueller has assigned an Anti-Espionage prosecutor to the team that will be presenting their case against him, raising eyebrows and the hair on the back of Trump’s neck. Look for more attacks on the credibility of our Justice Department, our law enforcement agencies, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosensteicn and the Rule of Law.

And speaking of the Rule of Law (or lack thereof), Week #76 came to close on Thursday when Trump’s “enemy of the people” statement bore rotten fruit as a deranged gunman shot up a Maryland newspaper office, killing 5 journalists and wounding a dozen more, earning barely a mention from Trump outside of praising the police who responded o this latest atrocity, with little thought for the dead or their grieving families. Or his war on the First Amendment and every other institution that makes America the America we have known for 240 years.

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