Week #46 dawned for President Trump at Mar A Lago on Black Friday, America’s biggest retail shopping day or, as Trump calls it, Tee Time.
Goofing off at Mar A Lago for a long holiday weekend, Trump got to Tweeting in the wee hours of Sunday morning, doubling down on his support for an accused pedophile for the Senate, Roy Moore. He tweeted how Moore’s opponent Doug Jones, the man who convicted the KKK in a cold-case church bombing multiple murder in Alabama, was (!) “soft on crime,” then made up all sorts of crazy things about Jones, proving he hasn’t read a single word about the man or his positions on the issues.
The only thing most people know about Doug Jones is that he is not a pedophile, pretty much the tie-breaker to most people.
Apparently 5 golf days in a row inspired Trump’s Twitter muse, driving him to new dimensions of mean spirited self-delusion when he revived his racist Birther conspiracy about Obama, accused Joe Scarborough of (!) murder, re-Tweeted (!) an Al Qaeda video and a video that claimed it was showing a Muslim attack in Denmark when it did no such thing.
That last bit got him universally condemned globally and wore out his welcome in the UK, forcing the cancellation of his upcoming state visit.
Undaunted, he repeated his error by re-Tweeting White Supremacist propaganda (ever mindful of pleasing his core supporters).
Then he jumped back into the sexual-harassment controversy by condemning accused Democrats while continuing to defend his favorite Republican pedophile, omitting any mention of the 16 lying hussies accusing him of improper sexual conduct.
His unquenchable thirst for attention led Trump to make up a crazy lie about Time Magazine’s process for selecting their Person of The Year, showing a bratty 10-year old’s reaction if he is not selected, the classic “See if I care!”
Trump returned to a chaotic and battling Washington DC, and immediately added to the white noise. He touched off a war in the Consumer Protection Agency by appointing a new boss in violation of the Agency’s rules of succession, making that 2 Agency heads showing up to work, and lawsuits flying.
Carrying over his theme of gratuitous cruelty from Week #45, Trump vowed to end Winter Heating Assistance for the disabled and the elderly (the lifesaving HEAP program), then spread rumors he was going to fire his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, maybe for snubbing First Daughter Ivanka’s mission to India, or perhaps for Tillerson calling Trump “a fucking moron” last month. Flip a coin.
Then in a supreme Trump Signature Moment, he used a medal ceremony for Navajo WW2 heroes, the legendary Wind Talkers, to call Senator Warren “Pocahontas” in front of these dignified and elderly Native Americans and national treasures. It was a stunning gaffe, even for Trump.
Perhaps Trump’s most outrageous lie of the week was claiming that the famous tape of him bragging about grabbing women by the pussy was a forgery, and that it was (!) “not my voice.” This is after admitting it openly over a year ago.
That’s a lot of weird crazy lies by a president in one week.
Meanwhile, Republicans in the Senate were on the verge of passing the worst tax bill since Rome exacted a crippling tribute on Carthage, a bill designed to undermine America in a dozen ways.
After Trump and every single Republican swore up and down on the campaign trail that they would not lower taxes on the rich, they did just that, forcing the poor and middle class to pay more taxes while having their benefits and health care slashed.
The vote was postponed again and again as the facts and figures of the alleged Tax Reform revealed it to be a complete disaster, which did not deter Senate Majority Leader Mitch MccConnell from twisting arms deep into the night to line up the necessary votes.
The defecation hit the ventilation unit for scores of Trump insiders on Thursday when it was learned that Michael Flynn was most likely cooperating with Robert Mueller’s Russian Collusion investigation, while inspiring dances of joy in the halls of Washington’s criminal law firms.
It was also revealed that Trump engaged in some arm-twisting of his own with multiple Republican Senators, when he pressured them to force the Senate to end its investigation of him, described by some legal experts as Obstruction of Justice, a felony.
Week # 46 was a whirlwind with too much happening to follow, and more madness and dysfunction than we can absorb, but a clear impression remains. An unstable madman is running the country into the ground, aided and abetted by the worst set of scoundrels ever to occupy the House and Senate.

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