Kicking off Week #44 of the Trump Era, Donald Trump finally went to Vietnam, 50 years after bone spurs kept him out of the war there. Five times. He was attending a multi-nation trade summit of an organization called The Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC).

Trump railed about America no longer tolerating “chronic trade abuses” by our Asian trading partners, a position directly contradicted by President Xi of China, who called Globalization irreversible.

Trump announced some “multi-billion dollar trade deals,” which was a surprise to everyone since no major deals were signed on this trip. He was referring either to past deals made by previous administrations, or future deals that have yet to kick in yet, also made by previous presidents.

None of which prevented Trump from lying his ass off about it, and boasting of his imagined deal-making prowess, which has so far been notable only for its complete absence.

While in Vietnam, Trump met briefly with Vladimir Putin, and they exchanged a cordial handshake (at least publicly), yet Trump somehow decided that “solving the Ukraine crisis” was suddenly an American priority, when the only crisis in Ukraine is Putin’s annexation by military force of the Crimea Peninsula.

He also stated that Putin “really means It’ about not meddling in the 2016 election, good enough for Trump, in spite of 17 American intelligence agencies telling the president the exact opposite. In fact, he called several of our most dedicated intelligence professionals “political hacks.” He said this on Veteran’s day, by the way.

Then Trump warmed up to his main agenda, taunting Kim Jong Un into starting a war, calling Kim short and fat, and labeling North Korea “a hell nobody deserves.”

His audience, the South Korean legislature, was less than enthusiastic. Turns out that South Koreans have no sense of humor when to comes to joking about nuclear annihilation

At a meeting in the Philippines of yet another Pacific trade partnership that Trump never heard of before, The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), he boasted about his buddy-buddy relationship with Rodrigo Duterte, taunting President Obama for not enjoying the same comeraderie with a heinous tyrant and murderer.

Not only that, he made up a crazy lie that The Philippines refused to allow Air Force One to land there when Obama was aboard, something easily checked and immediately refuted. The truth is that Obama had no use for the lawless Duterte and made no secret of the fact, and refused him an audience.

Instead, Trump played footsie with Duterte by promising to return a Filipino fugitive held in the USA, saying “I will send him back because I know you follow the rule of law.” Translation: Trump signed a stranger’s death warrant.

While Trump continued his Asia Tour, things in Washington were typical of this administration; a speeding roller coaster with no brakes and missing a few wheels. A 36 year-old nominee to an important federal judgeship admitting he had never tried a case in court in his (!) 3 years as a lawyer (but is married to a White House attorney), while Trump’s nominee for Senior White House Advisor on the Environment, Kathleen Hartnett White, was revealed in her Senate confirmation hearing as being completely uninformed on just about anything relating to the environment, Climate Science, or pretty much anything at all. She will fit right in.

It was also announced that Trump and his team are drafting a Middle East Peace Plan, an effort led by his son-in-law, chief advisor and suspected traitor Jared Kushner, whose experience in predatory real estate practices and marrying a rich guy’s daughter have convinced Trump he is the right man for the job that has baffled statesmen and experts for centuries.

Not satisfied with trying to turn the media dialogue against Hillary Clinton to deflect from the Russian Collusion investigation, Trump used the power of the presidency to pressure the Justice Department to investigate the (!) Clinton Foundation, a top-rated charity considered one of the most effective organizations of its kind in existence. He insisted the Justice Department investigate the Obama/Russia plutonium deal, but was informed by his whipping boy, Attorney General Sessions, that there was no crime and there is no case.

Speaking of Sessions, he testified before Congress Tuesday to “clarify” a bunch of public lies he had been caught in (perjury if it was you or me), employing the classic mob boss defense of claiming to remember nothing at all about what he’s been up to for the past 2 years.

And speaking of Congress, they decided they’d try to repeal Obamacare yet again, only this time through the back door of Tax Reform, their slash-and-burn Industrial Strength Trickle Down Bill, which raises taxes on (!) the poor to subsidize tax cuts for wealthy corporations and individuals.

The GOP tax bill passed the House but stands no chance in the Senate, so let’s not hold our breath waiting for Trump’s very first piece of major legislation.

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Junior, was revealed to have undisclosed and possibly incriminating contact with Wikileaks for 10 months during the election campaign, leaving an electronic trail a mile wide for investigators.

The heat is also on Jared Kushner for more undisclosed Russian contacts, as Robert Mueller’s investigation begins to yield results, including the revelation that the first convicted criminal in the Russian Collusion case, George Papadopoulos, had been promised a White House job as foreign policy adviser.

Add the Roy Moore circus to the mix, the favorite to win Jeff Session’s old Senate seat in Alabama. The well-documented accusations of pedophilia against Moore and the calls for him to step down have fallen on deaf ears, and he just may win, as one prominent Republican after another refuses to endorse Mitch McConnell’s call for Moore to step away.

So, Trump returns home from his Asia trip to the usual cyclone that marks the Trump Era, gleefully inventing triumphs that never happened, and making up things out of thin air. It’s like he never left.

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