Week # 36 of the Trump Era Dawned with World Leaders assembled at the United Nations holding their annual General Assembly, where they set the UN agenda for the year and get together over cocktails to trade hilarious Donald Trump stories with one another.

With the nation’s focus understandably riveted on 4 catastrophic natural disasters in North America within 2 weeks, and UN General Assembly Week in New York, Trump and Republicans legislators were able to slip in a reduction of National Monument lands, potentially opening up pristine public land held in trust for the American people to toxic mining practices and deforestation, and appointed a man to his Economic Advisory Council who sees no problem with America’s wide income disparity.

Republican Senators also took the opportunity to attempt to repeal Obamacare yet again, only this time offering the worst and most deadly replacement plan imaginable, prompting Trump to call it “GREAT” in a Tweet, even though he had not read a single line of it.

Then came Tuesday and Trump’s much-anticipated speech to the UN, and it was a doozy, filled with aggressive warmongering, immigrant bashing, patently false statements, regime demonization, endorsement of endless warfare, calls for global Nationalism except where the USA wants to interfere with other nations and their Nationalism, bashing the United Nations about money, and finally plagiarizing (!) Elton John when he called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man.”

The entire world recoiled at Trump’s speech, tripping over themselves to ridicule Trump, especially after he repeatedly singled out the African nation of “Nambia” for praise (a country that does not exist) at a luncheon Trump hosted the the leaders of African nations.

Then came news that Robert Mueller was going to criminally indict former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and that he is in possession of secret wiretaps of his telephone calls to a Who’s Who in the Trump Administration, including the president himself. Not only that, Mueller subpoenaed all manner of White House documents relating to Manafort, and the Russian Collusion Scandal suddenly became a very real problem to Trump and his entire team.

The worst blow to Trump himself, however, was the capitulation of his most trusted and crucial ally, Social Media, when Facebook turned over information to the Congressional investigation of Russian political ads placed there by Kremlin-paid hackers for the purpose of stealing last November’s presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump. He can only hope Twitter doesn’t desert him.

There was nothing for the president to do but go into overdrive, lying and Tweeting like a maniac against his usual suspects; the press, his predecessor, his former rival, people he fired, the Russian investigations, even lashing out at the Emmy Awards (Alec Baldwin’s win for his hilarious impersonation of Trump went unmentioned) for their (!) low ratings, a strange thing for a president to notice when he is in the midst of a number of urgent emergencies.

Puerto Rico suffered a complete power failure during Hurricane Maria and is still in severe danger of catastrophic flooding, as well as facing a critical health crisis as hospital life support systems fail without fuel for emergency generators.

Florida is still sorting out the massive damage from the same storm, as is Houston from Hurricane Harvey, while Mexico City is sifting through collapsed buildings for signs of life.

These are times that call for a strong, calm and measured conduct from an American president.

Good thing for Trump there are several other American presidents still alive who can supply the level heads and the dignity, while he carries on like a lunatic in the face of multiple crises.

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