Trump kicked off his 8th week in office by firing 46 out of 94 Federal Attorneys General, not very unusual for new presidents. The only odd thing was that both Trump his Attorney General Sessions had asked one of them to stay on, Praheet Bharara of New York’s Southern District, until be began pursuing a criminal case that crossed his desk investigating Trump and the Trump Organization, so he was fired. While we were distracted by the usual buffoonery, lying and microwave oven jokes, Trump signed an executive order to restructure the Executive Branch to make it leaner and meaner, corporation style, the same Executive Branch that was good enough, flexible enough and comprehensive enough to win WW2 and put a guy on the moon. He also ordered every government agency to make a case on why their agency is not useless and needs to be abolished. Meanwhile, his new Muslim travel ban was thrown out by the court, his Tax Relief For The Wealthy bill (disguised as the health care replacement bill for Obamacare) arrived DOA in the Senate, and both the Senate and law enforcement officials called the president a liar for making up his crazy Obama wiretap story. No official mention was made of First Son-In-Law Jared Kushner’s impending $400 million windfall from selling a piece of the aptly named 666 Fifth Avenue to a shell company fronting for the Chinese government, a deal Jared Kushner made after the election, when he was nominally working on the Trump Transition Team. The week also saw the Chinese government award the Trump name dozens of exclusive trademarks, including one to operate (!) escort services in China, adding a little creepy touch to their $400 million bribe. Two pages of a 12 year-old Trump tax return surfaced via an anonymous source, causing an undeserved uproar since it revealed very little about the source of Trump’s income. On Thursday, Trump released his budget, a Scrooge-like attack on the same people who elected him, screwing the poor and the elderly, eliminating funding for the arts, cutting taxes for the wealthy and increasing military spending. When asked if he knew that his budget was punishing the people who trusted him, Trump responded “Oh, I know.” I suppose we could say that this one honest statement in a sea of lies is an encouraging sign, that is, if one were desperate to find something redeeming about our 45th president.

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