Friday morning our 45th president began week #6 by addressing the Conservative Political Action Congress (CPAC) in Maryland, bragging about himself and attacking the media as usual, while repeating his lie about a non-existent Swedish terror attack, lying about Obamacare covering “very few people” when the figure is actually 20 million, but offered no details of his plans (if any exist) to implement the assembled conservatives’ legislative wish lists, while CPAC members waved Russian flags with Trump’s name on them until someone realized they’d been punked. His Press Secretary Sean Spicer then kicked off his administration’s War On The First Amendment by refusing several prominent media outlets admission to his daily press briefing. He also met with former presidential rival and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who claimed that Trump “listened intently” to his advise about reforming Obamacare and even got Health Secretary price own the phone to humor him too. Saturday, Trump’s quietest day in office so far, he announced he will be skipping the White House Correspondent’s Annual Dinner, where he knows he would have heard a many discouraging word, then had to back off his false claim that he had reduced the national debt by $12 billion since assuming office, admitting this had nothing to do with his new policies. Spending his first weekend in Washington, he had lunch with 2 of America’s worst governors on Sunday to seek their advice on what would be the states’ roles in providing health care, which in their cases has been next to nothing. Later that day Trump’s choice for Secretary of the Navy dropped out of consideration after realizing that (A) he knew nothing about the Navy, and (B), the post would have required him to quit his day job as a white collar criminal in Hong Kong. On Monday Trump announced plans to cut spending inside America so he can spend a lot more on our military, already the world’s most expensive, before wrapping up his day by blaming (!) Obama for the leaks in the White House. On Tuesday Trump addressed a joint session of Congress, and received lavish praise for reading the speech and not foaming at the mouth. He did manage 51 lies in 61 minutes, and humiliated a dead Navy SEAL’s widow by interrupting her emotional public moment with a remark on the applause her appearance was generating, for some reason calling it “a record,” deftly making it about himself once again. The following day, Trump visited the new US Navy ship The U.S.S. Gerald Ford, and was at such a loss for words he could only say about 12 of them. His mood wasn’t helped when Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III recused himself from any investigation of Trump for treason on the grounds that his own name is a tribute to treason on a grand scale. Trump then broke up what was a quiet Thursday (for him) by Tweeting his support of Sessions (meaning he will be fired “regretfully” when he is fired ASAP), and repeating his insane lie that the Russian connection was made up by Democrats because they were angry losers. Meanwhile, it appears the shorter list is members of Team Trump who did not collude with the Russians to steal the election. Things are not looking well for President Now What.

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