Friday Trump gave his first solo press conference as president, scaring the daylights out of the entire planet. It was a stunning display of insanity, aggression and free form rambling for an hour and 17 minutes, better seen than described for maximum impact. In the same vein, he then considered a proposal to deploy 100,000 soldiers from the National Guard to round up Hispanics across the nation. Depressed that presidents don’t get cheered, he decided to run for president again, kicking off his (!) 2020 reelection campaign on Saturday in Florida. He used the rally to alternately praise himself and attack the media, Democrats, Chicago, Obama, Muslims, Mexicans, the American judicial system, the INS, The State Department and the English language (“air-o-planes”), telling dozens of lies in the process (even inventing a terror attack in Sweden, news to to the Swedes), breaking his own record for using the word “unfair,” and calling America a loser and a failure until he showed up, then exited the stage to the song ”You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Tuesday he signed into law the repeal of the Clean Stream Protection Rule, allowing coal mines to poison local water supplies, and outlined a sweeping deportation plan to deport millions, one that treats people who get a traffic ticket like felons and encourages prosecution of parents reuniting with their own children. He did remember to mention Jews (after failing to mention them last week on Holocaust Remembrance Day) by condemning a recent Antisemitic act of vandalism, while visiting a Black History Museum (presumably we can look to his St. Patrick’s Day speech to remember mentioning the lingering racism that continues to plague Black Americans). Thursday Trump continued his assault on human rights by rescinding the civil rights of transgender students, effectively telling us that human rights are up to each state, and said his roundup of illegal aliens was “a military operation,” on US soil.

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