voteWhat’s the best reason to vote? Because we can. It’s not a big national election today, and the fate of the nation doesn’t hinge on any one race, but add them all up and they sure do make a difference on


In recent years, Americans have been experimenting at the ballot box, getting away from the tried and true method of electing the smartest and sanest people to represent us. Somehiow we got it into our heads that it would be a fun thing to elect people who were (A) stark raving mad, (B) seriously stupid, (C) filled with hatred and rage or (D) All of the above. That didn’t work out at all, and the results have been abysmal, to the point that we handed our president a Congress that not only refuses to work for their 200 grand a year, but tried to shut down their workplace and still get paid! Unfortunately, no Congresssional seats are at stake today, but we can use this election day to practice voting for normal people. Madmen have their functions in society, but running the show is not one of them. So get out today and vote! And remember, no more lunatics or dummies!

•Suggested Activities: Sending the Tea Party back to Wonderland with the Mad Hatter.

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