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National Days


Summertime, and the living is … hot as Hades, and humid as a rain forest, dammit! Only one thing to do on a dog day like today, celebrate


The fruit twice the size of our heads is our go-to snack on these scorchers, our old friend Mister Watermelon – big, green, sweet and juicy.  You can scoop it into polite little balls and eat it with a spoon, or lace into big triangular wedges, letting pink juice dribble down your chin and spitting out the seeds like Huckleberry Finn (Orthodox Method). Seedless watermelon is all well and good, but not near as much fun (and how the hell did they grow that second one?). Watermelon (Citrullus lanais to the many Latin speakers among us) originated in the wilds of southern Africa and was spread like a warm breeze all over the globe by nomads, traders, navigators and immigrants. Where went the watermelon, civilization soon followed. Be that as it may, it’s Saturday, it’s Summertime, and it’s National Watermelon Day, one of our finer Lazy Days. Don’t get busy.

*Suggested activities: Eating watermelon. End of list.

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