INTERVIEW WITH ALFRED E. NEUMAN. is back in the interview biz and we’ve got a scoop! We have persuaded the perennial poster boy for Mad Magazine, Alfred E. Neuman himself, to drop by World Headquarters in Brooklyn and sit down for his first ever internet chat. Alfred’s pushing 60 now, but still has his trademark red hair, missing front tooth and jug handle ears, and the blankest of blank stares, remaining in character for his interview – “Lights on, nobody home.”  Our senior analysts and interns researched the man thoroughly and prepared this list of incisive questions for Mr. Neuman. (BCDC): “Welcome to bob, Mr. Newman, make yourself comfortable.”

Alfred E. Neuman (AEN): “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “We’ve prepared a list of questions spanning your entire career. I’m hope you won’t mind delving into the past for our readers.”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “When Pat Paulsen, the comedian, ran for president in 1968, did it bother you that he was stealing your act from 1956, when you were a write-in candidate for president?”

AEN:  “What, me worry?””


BCDC: “Very generous of you, sir, imitation is flattery and all that. Are you upset about your popular portrayal as an amiable idiot, or do you long to do more serious work, to show off your dramatic chops, so to speak?”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “Okay then. As regards Mad Magazine, there have been rumors over the years of you clashing with editors, that you were instrumental in ousting Harvey Kurtzman and Al Feldstein. Is there any truth to these allegations?”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “I see. Very cagy…”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “Yes, your trademark line…”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “Can we get back to our questions now?”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “You have appeared on almost every Mad Magazine cover, with just a handful of exceptions, over 500 issues. Did it bother you when those few Mads went to print without you on the cover?”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”


BCDC: “I see. You know, sir, I appreciate you staying in character, and realize how much you identify with that phrase, but you need not answer every question with What, me worry?’ It’s getting a drop distracting…”

AEN:  “And how much are you paying me?”

BCDC: “Well … nothing, actually.”

AEN:  “What, I should wax eloquent for bupkis?”

BCDC: Well, frankly I was hoping for some insight into Alfred E. Neuman, the ‘man behind the man,’ so to speak.”

AEN:  “What, me worry?”

And there you have it, folks,  the first web interview with the legendary Alfred E. Neuman, a exclusive. We’re not called “The Second Best Web Site Ever” for nothing, you know! Our next interview: We’re in heavy negotiations right now with cultural icons Bazooka Joe and The Morton Salt Girl. Fingers crossed!

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