To say that we are living in a world gone batshit crazy is merely to state the glaringly obvious. If you need reasons why, or disagree with this assessment, odds are you’ve been living in the wilderness without access to telephones, computers, newspapers, TV, radio or other people. Either that or you’re simply batshit crazier than most. Either way, that’s quite understandable, and the best of luck to you.

Meanwhile, the rest of humanity, comprised for the most part of relatively sane and decent human beings doing their level best to keep themselves and their families safe and warm in a world gone mad, just can’t help but scratch their heads in dumbfounded wonder at the extreme behavior of some of our brothers and sisters. Consider these signs of the times:

The celebration of the stupid and annoying: Brilliance, hard work and creativity used to be highly valued in this world. Apparently we got tired of all those brainy show-offs and decided to give peabrains a chance. Cases in point: Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, the wearing of pants with one’s ass hanging out, the deification of our 2nd dumbest president, Ronald Reagan, Paris Hilton, Reality TV, Ashton Kutcher’s huge Twitter following, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Nancy Pelosi, George Bush The Younger, our hands-down dumbest leader, Joe the Plumber (who’s name isn’t Joe and still a plumber’s helper at 34), extreme (!) skiing, Rush Limbaugh, Adam Sandler, house “music,” Life Coaches, The Aryan Nation, the Tea Party and other jackass racist gangs, Hu Jintao, Anne Coulter, Ultimate Fighting, face-piercing, Yellow Ribbons to “support American troops” that are made in China, or any financial or automotive CEO you’d care to name on any continent, people who, for fabulous salaries, were asked only to keep an eye on the golden goose, but instead thought it would a better idea to swallow it whole.

Red State, Blue State, 1-2-3: Somehow in recent years, The United States of America, the U.S.A, became the A.U.S., the Allegedly United States. While this place has always been a big-umbella place accommodating a very broad spectrum of people and ideas, our unity was pretty much a given, with people of differing political and social philosophies agreeing to disagree, but respecting the other guy’s right to think and, as long as he wasn’t hurting anybody, to live as he damn well pleased. No more.

Not since the Civil War have we been at each other’s throats with such open animosity, constantly stooping to the scoundrels’ tactic of declaring all who disagree with them to be traitors. People on both sides of the political spectrum thought President Obama was nuts to try to promote bipartisanship, and the fact that he almost had his fingers bitten off reaching out his hand to the opposition only strengthened this opinion. The truth is, Obama is one if the few politicians these days who is not nuts, a man who loves his nation more than his political party, and wouldn’t mind a little more unity in these United States.

Extreme Religion: No one is certain whether the advent of Extreme Sports is responsible for turning much of humanity into some sort of industrial strength God Squad, but this formerly private and mild pursuit designed to teach the kiddies ethical and moral behavior and provide some measure of spiritual comfort has turned into a huge pissing contest between rabid, violent wannabe tyrants. What was once a gentle activity has become a contact sport.

Extreme Religionists are either killing “infidels” in the name of God, oppressing everyone in sight, including their fellow believers, or condemning non-believers to eternal Hell Fire. In America, they are trying their damnedest to violate the Constitutional cornerstone of separation of church and state. All of which is batshit crazy in a religion (Islam) named for peace, or one (Christianity) whose savior is called the Prince of Peace. Whatever happened to humility, forgiveness, peace, tolerance, kindness and love? That whole Love Jesus or Die routine sort of misses the whole point of the man’s message. By about a bazillion miles.

Bad enough the whole world is batshit crazy, no sense aiding and abetting the madness. Fight stupidity, embrace excellence and celebrate diversity and just maybe this will all blow over.

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