With a tip of the hat to the old Saturday Night Live skit with Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest, today reviews things that almost everybody in the world hates. Any of these sound familiar?

Don’t you hate it when someone bursts upon the political scene and says great things that make a whole lot of sense and gets you excited about politics again, then all of a sudden starts doing and saying really stupid things? Over and over and over again until it’s clear this person is just another batshit power addict with a hateful agenda and we got fooled again? Didn’t The Who warn us about that shit? Dang! Don’t you just hate that?

Don’t you hate it when batshit crazy politicians get taken seriously by otherwise reasonable people? As our wacky teenagers say, WTF!

Don’t you hate it when you’re pitching a perfect game in the Major Leagues until 2 outs in the 9th inning only to lose it when the umpire makes a lousy call that even he admitted was wrong? Not that any of us will pitch a perfect game, but a lot of us know the feeling. The tough thing is that the pitcher who almost grabbed the brass ring, Andres Galarraga, is only 28 years old. You should be at least 40 before experiencing such crushing disillusion.

Don’t you hate it when so-called men of God are silent about the great evils of their time, specifically today’s Islamic leaders who are  too cowardly or ignorant to stand up to those who have caused their religion to be viewed as synonymous with hatred and violence, sort of the exact opposite of what religions are supposed to be about? Doesn’t that bother them? They can bitch and moan all they want about unfair profiling and no one will pay them any mind until their words and deeds prove otherwise.

Don’t do you hate it when some people approach a milestone in human development as a conspiracy designed to undermine everything good and decent? Within our grasp as a society is the ability to provide quality medical care for every person.That’s a sinister plot? Doctors healing babies? Granny getting her dialysis? Little kids getting stitched up after a nasty spill? As impossible as this sounds, somehow, somebody convinced people that this is evil, even though over 99% of Americans would have their lives changed  for the better with the implementation of Universal Health Care.

The other less than 1%? They’re very, very wealthy and they own and run America. Which is a hell of a thing when you realize that most people don’t like rich people all that much. Why let them run everything? It’s the very wealthy who proposed the crazy idea that health care equals tyranny. There’s really no concept crazier than that, especially coming from people who have always enjoyed access to quality health care and the better life that provides. You wonder why they wouldn’t want that for everybody, and you ask yourself “Gee, isn’t medical care a good thing?” No wonder nobody likes the rich.

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