Who can deny, a brown sky is more attractive than a blue one?

The voice of a single eagle is mightier than a thousand parrots, and so that eagle must be slain.

Nature has provided coal and fire to turn the wheels of progress.

It is written: He who hungers, dies.

Waste no money building sturdy schools.

The wise man knows that life and human rights are fleeting.

Sell a man a flawless product, and meet him but once. Sell him one that breaks down often, have a customer for life.

Practice equality towards all, even dissident dogs and Tibetan swine.

So it is written, the patents and copyrights of the West are so many paper kites in the East.

None can deny, an e-mail worth sending is an e-mail worth official inspection.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single application for official  travel documents.

It is etched in jade, that Taiwan belongs to the People’s Republic.

The river of life flows through the hydroelectric dams of progress, and those living downstream must drink elsewhere.

The sagacious worker bends to his task, and to authority.

He who would report the news must adhere to truth.

Truth is what the People’s Government says it is.

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