The Life Coach here, you there. Last week we spoke about Perseverance. To become a LIfe Achiever and a Master Accumulator, perseverance is key. Today we discuss Attitude. The mind set and assertive demeanor of a Life Achiever is what sets him apart from ordinary men. It is his attitude that announces to the world that he is an achiever, and a person accustomed and entitled to great wealth and privilege. A Life Achiever is not meek or mild. He openly embraces greed, and counts his lucky stars to be living in The Golden Age of Greed. It is the greedy who possess most of the wealth, the finest homes, the great works of art, the jewels, the jets, the limousines and the Olympic-sized pools.

It is the greedy whose names populate and dominate the social news, the lists of wealthiest and most influential people, and who get their way. There are statues of the greedy in public parks and uncounted grand edifices named after greedy men in every city, town and village in the world. The greedy demand more of life, and they take it and keep it. Students of The Life Coach Better Life System walk among the privileged few, the elite, the Getters and Keepers of this world. At The Life Coach Better Life Seminar, you will learn the ways of greed, the nuances of amassing more than you could ever need in a hundred lifetimes! And it will be yours, all yours, just for the hell of having it!

There are those who say that 2008 spelled the end of the Age of Greed. The economy blew up, our patrons were voted out of office and money became tighter than Bernie Madoff’s collar. The losers of this world cried out that the days of the Master Accumulator had come to an end. How wrong they were! The government couldn’t hand the wealthy elite billions of dollars fast enough and before a year was out it was business as usual. And what bailed the greedy out of this jam? Attitude! They were caught red-handed, there was no money left in their corporate treasuries and the rabble was calling for their heads. Lesser men might have caved in, but these were Master Accumulators who were not about to back off or relinquish a penny of their vast fortunes. Attitude saved the day!

Did they apologize for taking all the money? Did they run and hide? Did they promise to reform their risky behavior with other people’s money while hanging on to every red cent of their own? Did they sell even one of their Rembrandts? Hell no! They stood tall. They were arrogant, demanding and imperial. They insisted that the Federal Government bail them out, and then came back for billions more when they blew through that dough in a matter of weeks! When called before Congress, the Master Accumulators treated the proceedings with contempt, dismissing the angry ravings of the assembled legislators as they would the tantrums of petulant children who cannot possibly understand the complex world of Getting and Keeping.

It was A Great Day For Greed, a day when the greedy rose like a Phoenix from the ashes to hatch more schemes that promise to attain for these visionaries even greater heights of Getting and Keeping! The Life Coach is proud to say that more than half the assembled CEOs were graduates of all 3 tiers of The Life Coach Better Life System: Better Life Seminar, Advanced Better Life Seminar and the final plateau, the Platinum Better Life Seminar. Like many of you, these people were once clueless losers, living ordinary lives in ordinary homes and driving regular cars, paying high tax rates and struggling to make ends meet, the finer things in life seemingly out of their reach.

Then, for a mere $300, they turned their lives around, attending a Better Life Seminar when The Life Coach rolled into their town. There they learned the basics of Getting and Keeping, and were on road to becoming Life Achievers. Having learned that the true goal in life is more, they went on to take the Advanced and Platinum seminars to gain the full set of tools and range of skills that brought them to the very pinnacle of life, earning the title of Master Accumulator. The $1,500 they spent for their Advanced Better life Seminar and the $10,000 spent to attend the Platinum Better Life Seminar? Returned many, many times over, pocket change to the very wealthy.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want yours? Aren’t you tired of living like a sap, paying taxes, working hard and doing the right things? Well, the “right thing” to do is to look out for #1, and embracing the Age of Greed is the first step towards building Attitude, that impenetrable wall between the Haves and Have-Nots. The proper attitude is essential before you can develop the skills to accumulate wealth, and attitude will help you keep what you have gained and gain more and more and more! More what, you ask? Well, more of everything, of course; homes, jewels, money, cars, private jets, works of art, stocks, bonds, miles and miles of real estate, yachts, or anything else that you feel like possessing.

And don’t forget that Life Achievers enjoy the company of an unending string of beautiful lovers, the sort of women that losers can only dream about. A Life Achiever uses and discards these exquisite beauties like old socks, one after another for his whole life, even into his decrepit old age. Why? Because he can, and losers cannot! Of course nobody needs scores of beautiful lovers, several palatial homes, dozens of expensive vehicle or more money than many small nations. Need is not the point, Greed is the point! You can have all these things because you want them, and the attitude you cultivate will convince yourself and others that you are entitled to take and take and take.

Attitude will sweep aside the questions of lesser men. Attitude will attract beautiful women. Attitude will identify you as a Master Accumulator, one of those who are perched at the very top of the the food chain! Call now and reserve a seat at my next Better Life Seminar. Life owes you, and will not pay unless you make it pay. Call 1(800) NUMBER1 right now an learn how. Let The Life Coach introduce you to a Better Life. Money can and does buy happiness, and Better Life Seminars are where you learn to embrace the greed in your heart, and to become a Life Achiever, a Getter and Keeper and a Master Accumulator. Do you have the will, the greed and the Attitude to join the elite? The only thing you have to lose is being a loser.

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