Recession, Shmasession! Governor David Paterson did something this past week to make all New Yorkers’ hearts swell with pride and strengthen our collective resolve to lick these Hard Times! Governor Paterson single-handedly vaulted New York back into the lead in the Disgraced Governor Club! Himself a Governor by Appointment, replacing the Disgraced Eliot Spitzer, Paterson announced that he was dropping out of the campign for election this Fall due to a scandal.

While not a luridly sensational sex scandal like Spitzer provided, with clandestine train rides, fine hotels and expensive hookers in Washington, D.C., Paterson has abused the privileges of his office and accepted inappropriate gifts, while his personal intervention in a police matter to save his close  aide from arrest for spousal abuse is pretty rotten behavior by anyone, inexcusable for a Governor.  So make that 2 in a row for New York, beating Illinois, New Jersey and North Carolina 2-1 in the Disgraced Governor Sweepstakes. Eat our dust, Wannabees!

While Disgraced Governors are not all that uncommon in America, having two of them back-to-back is unprecedented in the annals of state governments and sets New York apart as the elite, the creme-de-la-creme of thoroughly corrupted state governments. Not only does our second consecutive New York State Governor have to disappear in a hurry, the national consensus is that our New York State Senate, our New York State Legislature and our New York State Judiciary are all just as riddled with incompetence and corruption as the Governor’s Mansion! We’re #1! New Jersey only WISHES! We’re # 1 we’re #1…

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