Once again the conservative right wing has succeeded in hoodwinking Americans of below average intelligence with no familiarity with history or politics that liberal is a bad thing to be, almost a curse word. Well, what can one say except that when someone calls someone a left wing liberal, they’re actually putting them in some esteemed company, those Americans whose politics looks out for the other guy as well as themselves, while the conservative philosophy is all about getting yours, and screw everyone else.

It sometimes takes courage to be a liberal, the courage to stand up for the rights of people you don’t care for all that much. If you believe in America and The Constitution of The United States, you realize that everyone has a right to have their say, even those who would like to subvert that Constitution by seeking to establish a state religion or wish to violate the Bill of Rights when it comes to “certain people.” They have no right to do these things, but they can talk about them all they like, otherwise their right to free speech is being violated. Liberals want no part of violating the rights of any individual or targeted groups of individuals.

Besides, liberals figure that the more people hear openly what these people are really all about, the more they will realize what complete assholes they are. No one is under any obligation to take such people seriously if they do not commit any criminal acts, and their right to be an asshole must be respected. Talk is cheap. Accomplishments speak much louder. Here’s a few people who might be considered by today’s conservatives to be no good left wing liberals:

George Washington: Farmer, land surveyor, soldier, revolutionary and father of his country.

His accomplishment: America.

Abraham Lincoln: Self-educated lawyer, Congressman, President.

His accomplishments: Preserving the Union and abolishing slavery.

Thomas Jefferson: Farmer, scholar, inventor, architect, ambassador, Secretary of State, Governor, writer, President.

His accomplishments: Writing the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, championing the Bill of Rights, defeating the Barbary Pirates who were attacking American shipping in Africa and founding the United States Military Academy at West Point.

John Adams: Farmer, lawyer, ambassador, Vice President, President.

His accomplishment: Among many other accomplishments, defending the British officers involved in the Boston Massacre, setting an important precedent in equal treatment before the law, no matter how distasteful the defendants may seem, perhaps stands out as his greatest contribution to Americanism. He took the case in spite of his fear that it would damage his reputation, but his honor and his commitment to his beliefs were more important to the man. Of the eight soldiers charged with murder, six were acquitted and two were convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter. Apparently Americans didn’t hold his integrity against him and elected him the second President of The United States.

James Madison: Lawyer, Secretary of State, Congressman, President.

His accomplishments: Prevented Great Britain from reclaiming her colonies in the War of 1812. Wrote the Bill of Rights. Collaborated with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay on what became known as The Federalist Papers, a series of essays and arguments urging the people of the United States to adopt the Constitution, which was no certain thing in the days following The American Revolution.

Alexander Hamilton: Political philosopher, economist, soldier, Congressman, Secretary of The Treasury.

His accomplishments: The Federalist Papers, contributor to The United States Constitution, advocate of a strong national army and navy, established the United States Mint.

Patrick Henry: Planter, lawyer, Governor.

His accomplishment: The statement “Give me liberty or give me death!” This encapsulation of America still holds up. You think this guy would have shut up when the cynically named Patriot Act sailed thorough a fearful Congress and handed the terrorists a second victory to go with 9/11? He’d have put his life on the line defending the rights and the freedom of American citizens from this criminal and traitorous legislation.

John Jay: Revolutionary, diplomat, Secretary of Foreign Affairs under George Washington, First Chief Justice of The United States Supreme Court.

His accomplishments: The Federalist Papers and the establishment of the legal precedent that the individual states were subordinate to the Federal Government, further strengthening the Union of a young nation.

Thomas Paine: Revolutionary, pamphleteer, radical, inventor, author.

His accomplishments: The original blogger, his pamphlets, especially “Common Sense,” “The Age of Reason” and “The Rights of Man,” were instrumental in convincing the majority of British colonists to overthrow the monarchy and establish a democracy that scrupulously respected individual human rights and recognized no specially privileged classes of human beings. Equality before the law and in society were Mr. Paine’s passions, and he passed them on to all of us as our birthright.

Martin Luther King: Clergyman, Civil Rights activist.

His accomplishments: Led a peaceful and aggressive Civil Rights movement that confronted the innate racism in American society, and in the process changed America for the better forever.

John F. Kennedy: War hero, Senator, President.

His accomplishments: Completing the unfinished work of Abraham Lincoln by introducing the long overdue Civil Rights legislation, starting the race to the moon and winning the highest stakes poker game ever played against Nikita Khruschev’s Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Lawyer, Governor, State Senator, Assistant Secretary of The Navy, President.

His accomplishments: Social Security, minimum wage, the United Nations, The New Deal, winning World War 2. Generally considered, along with Washington and Lincoln, to be one of our three greatest presidents.

Lyndon Johnson: Master politician, Congressman, Senator, Vice President, President.

His accomplishments: Passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Voting Rights Act of 1965, continuing the work of the assassinated John F. Kennedy. Instituted Medicare, the highly successful medical program to take care of America’s senior citizens, and Medicaid, to provide health care for the nation’s poor. Initiated arms reduction negotiations with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. His Great Society and War on Poverty programs greatly improved education in the United States and opened up job market to minorities. Johnson also eliminated hunger from this nation with his Food Stamp and Public Assistance programs.

While none of these people mentioned above were perfect human beings, all of them acted upon their powerful belief in America values and the American people, and the universal human rights that our forefathers pronounced to be “self-evident,” and did so even in the face of stiff opposition, even at the cost of their lives in a few cases. Few of them were particularly religious, but all of them were content to let anyone follow any religion they wanted to as long as they did not force it upon others. All were highly moral and ethical, morality and ethics having very little to do with religious faith. These men were and remain the conscience of our nation, the people who made America America. All of them left our nation, and the world, a better place than they found it. Left wing liberals, every man jack among them. So when someone accuses you of being a left wing liberal, be  proud, be very proud. You’re in good company.

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