Last night President Obama made one hell of a good speech at The State of The Union Address. The following has nothing to do with that speech:

So, here we are a year into Barack Obama’s presidency. The economy still sucks, there are still 2 wars being waged on Third World nations by the United States and the Senate and Congress are daily proving what corrupt scumbags they are. That being said, Obama’s doing a decent job. Not a great job, but as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Those circumstances are having the bad luck to follow the most destructive administration in American history, that of our first puppet President, Bush The Younger, and America’s first dictator, Shotgun Dick Cheney. It will take years to straighten out the damage they did; to our economy, to the Bill of RIghts and to the way our government operates.

The Cheney Administration oversaw the transfer of trillions of dollars from the American working classes to the super wealthy elite, to the point where less than 1% of the wealthiest Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 95% combined. The Cheney Administration refused to police the financial industries that handle everyone’s money, gutting and underfunding existing regulatory agencies. The result was an orgy of greed and larceny that nearly brought our economy to its knees. The Cheney Administration lied to the American people in order to attack oil-rich Iraq, and abandoned the search for Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the devastating 9/11 attacks.

The Cheney Administration betrayed an American spy, allowed New Orleans to drown, awarded multi-billion dollar contracts to Cheney’s company, Halliburton, to rebuild Iraq and New Orleans, which they then proceeded to fuck up completely, sticking American taxpayers with huge bills to repair their “repairs.” The Cheney Administration hired corporate mercenaries to illegally torture prisoners and carry out assassinations.

The Cheney administration oversaw the theft of millions of dollars of crude petroleum every single day for years in Iraq, and sent huge bundles of United States currency to that nation to bribe political, religious and business factions, very little of which has ever been accounted for, then used the corruption they engendered as an excuse to remain in Iraq for years after defeating their armies and hanging their leader.

The Cheney Administration stole elections, consorted with felons and mounted the biggest fear-mongering campaign since the Nazis of the 1920s and 1930s, creating a frenzied and divisive political climate that allowed the wealthy to pick the bones of the American economy clean, sending home foreclosures and unemployment through the roof. This mess they left behind will require the work of not only Barack Obama, but the next several presidents to repair.

The culture of greed and corruption has infested Congress and even the Supreme Court, which saw fit this week to allow unlimited corporate influence over our elections, potentially leading to foreign corporations and governments investing heavily in favorable elsection results in The United States of America. Favorable to them, that is. Mr. Obama has perhaps the hardest job of governing these United States since Abraham Lincoln, and the reason the nation is in such straits can be boiled down to one word: Greed. Greed for power, control and money by the dictator Cheney, and plain old fashioned greed for money by corporate America.

Now corporate America want us to listen to their “economists,” the same sad shills who have sold Americans out, that if we only listen to them them our economy will bounce back, like we’ll ever trust them again. They point to the election of a male stripper to Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat as a positive step, a guy who makes Sarah Palin look good! There are more potential puppets being groomed for political office too, intellectual lightweights perfect for fronting the ideas of the greedy and power mad, just like Bush The Younger.

If they are fooling anyone, it is only morons. Some people will buy dogshit if you wrap it in an American flag, and the Republican/corporate alliance is counting on such fools and anger addicts to create further divisiveness to divert attention from their greed. They will convince the jackasses that their blatant anti-Americanism is patriotism, and unleash them on the nation. They will use these dim fools like rented mules, make them eat their traitorous and elitist dogshit, then take whatever they have and abandon them when they have served their purpose. Don’t forget, they’re still licking their chops over the trillions in Social Security funds they failed to “privatize” under Cheney. Imagine if Social Security money was in private hands in 2008? Uncounted millions of senior citizens would be ruined, their work of a lifetime stolen to fuel rich men’s scams.

These are the people who were already fabulously wealthy and felt it was a fine idea to start aggressively stealing on a massive scale. Most of the unindicted co-conspirators in the financial industries still don’t feel they did anything wrong, only that they slightly miscalculated. Obama has to disabuse these people of such fantasies. Their “slight miscalculations” ruined countless American lives and made 5 to 7 trillion dollars of wealth disappear, so our president has his work cut out for him. Not only that, Obama also has to deal with a great many people, both the powerful and the insignificant, who are opposed to him only because he is a black man.

Anyone with a computer has been getting inundated with racist e-mails, both subtle and blatant, attacking our legally elected President and Commander in Chief. Having to fight this Neanderthal Factor as well as the entrenched Culture of Greed is one more monkey wrench thrown into the works of reforming an American Government severely damaged by 8 years of dictatorship and corporate anarchy. The State of The Union is weird, and it is not Barack Obama’s fault. It will take a lot of work to get America back on track.

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