The incompetent and the delusional are once again crying out that the sky is falling. Led by Bull O’Really, the idiot’s idiot, they now announce that there is a war on Christmas. Bull O’Really says it’s being waged by those who (!) “loathe the baby Jesus.” A beautiful statement, as meaningless as it is stupid, and thus guaranteed to stir up morons. Bull and his minions detest the fact that some people say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” which of course, is an unmistakable sign that life as we know it is under attack by traitorous transvestite atheists.

Never mind the fact that Christmas in America is the single most dominant event on our calendar, even more so than Independence Day. It is both a religious and commercial blockbuster, overwhelming anything else that is happening during “Christmas Season.” Does any other holiday get it’s own season? You never hear anything mentioned about Labor Day Season, Veteran’s Day Season or Fourth of July Season. Only Christmas and Easter, another Jesus-related holiday, get their own seasons. If there is a war on Christmas, it seems Christmas is winning, and winning big time.

You can’t visit any city, town or village in America and not be struck by the countless Christmas decorations. Almost every family in the nation (we are overwhelmingly a Christian country) makes elaborate plans for the Eve, the Day and the day after (Boxing Day), with many celebrating “Little Christmas” twelve days later. Christmas is an unstoppable juggernaut in America, and a whole lot of it is about beautiful feelings of joy, brotherhood, love and peace, never a bad thing any time, anywhere.

It is overwhelming to many, and over-commercialized to many more, who lament that the simple message of Jesus Christ; love, peace and brotherhood, is lost amid the all the money-changing. And then there are the Bull O’Reallys of this world, looking to shove Christmas even further up our asses than it already is by denying that anyone has the right not to be over-awed or merely indifferent to what is in reality just one more religious holiday, and by Christianity’s own estimation, a lesser holiday then Easter, which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus, the culmination of his earthly mission that was only promised by his birth on Christmas.

The calendar dates of both of these holidays were arbitrarily picked, no one being exactly sure what day of the year Jesus was born or died. The exact days these events occurred don’t really matter, only that around half of the earth’s inhabitants (that would be the Christians of all the various sects) choose to celebrate them. If this brings them joy and fulfillment, well fine, but by no means must we expect this to be unanimous. It is not Christmas if you are not a Christian, and if you do not celebrate it that does not mean you are at war with Christmas, anymore that Christians are at war with Passover because they don’t celebrate that Jewish holiday.

It’s not exactly like anyone is forced to celebrate Christmas in secret around here, and no one’s persecuting anyone over the their decision to celebrate this holiday in the biggest and splashiest possible manner. Those radio stations that blare out Christmas music all day every day are allowed to do so, and people who don’t want to hear it are allowed to change the station. We have this thing called Freedom of Religion in America, and that means freedom for all religions.

No one can force anyone to bow to the God of another, or prevent them from bowing to the God of their choice, or to bow to no God at al. And God knows there are a lot of Gods to be worshipped in this world (about 5,000 of the, no waiting), with Christianity offering a 3-in-1 version of monotheism with the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit (who used to be the Holy Ghost, but that was deemed too creepy so now he’s The Holy Spirit.) The vast majority of Americans celebrate Christmas and openly practice their Christianity. If there is a war on Christmas, whoever is waging it is losing buy 2 touchdowns and a field goal. Anger addicts like Bull O’Really and anyone dopey enough to believe anything he says can relax and move on to the next non-issue to get themselves crazy over. Merry Christmas.

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