Is there a sadder or more pathetic sight than Senator Joe Lieberman’s face? No cartoonist could create a sadder sack of a caricature than his real-life features. It is said that as a person ages, one’s face more and more becomes a reflection of their personality. Could it be possible that Senator Lieberman is anyway near as sad and dour a human being as his face indicates? And does the Guinness Book of World Records have a category for impossibly sad sights? If so, maybe the following could be in line for consideration:

A wallet full of photographs of one’s dogs. What, none of the goldfish? While most people like dogs just fine, the idea that anyone is eager to see pictures of your overbred, nervous little pooch dressed in dopey doggie sweaters is just a tad delusional. And sad.

An aging gay man with a cold. Sorry, old gay brothers, no disrespect, but an aging queen with a bad cold is pretty pathetic to behold.

What’s sadder than Glen Beck fancying himself a one-man political movement? And an educator, no less! Hasn’t this dimwit embarrassed himself enough? Well, it seems the guy’s got a plan for his America. It’s unclear if “his” America is the same America the rest of us enjoy so much. Let’s hope not. Nothing worse than an angry moron with “a plan.” Those things never work out all that well for anyone but the angry moron.

People who used to be famous appearing on “Dancing With The Stars” is pretty sad, too. Unless of course they fall down, in which case it is funny.

A skinny department store Santa. Creepy, too.

An old guy trying to figure out how to actually make a call on the iPhone his daughter gave him for his birthday.

A really drunk guy desperately trying to look sober. Even sadder, a really drunk woman trying to look sober. Another double standard? Yes, yes it is. Fairly universal, though.

A kid who’s ice cream cone just hit the pavement. Bummer.

Senior citizen outlaw bikers. That blurry, elongated “Born to Raise Hell” tattoo doesn’t seem all that menacing when tearing down the sidewalk on your Mobility Scooter.

Dancing bears and tamed lions. Fearsome predators drugged, de-clawed, whipped and chained for people’s amusement are sad sights, except every so often when they slay their trainers in a rage. For that one shining moment they are the majestic predators they were born to be, at least until the police come along and shoot them down. Then they are sad sights once again.

A melting snowman. Frosty, we hardly knew ye!

A three-legged stray dog. This poor mutt’s picture isn’t in anybody’s wallet, but nine times out of ten is more dog than any pet, getting along somehow on 3 legs and his wits.

Famous faces Botoxed into immobility. That’s the best plastic surgeons can do these days? Some of their patients (victims?) are almost unrecognizable, looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy’s extended family, exhibiting zero character. Might be a good idea for Senator Lieberman, though.

Coal miners. Has there ever been a happy looking coal miner anywhere ever?

Empty houses. Seems to be lots of them around lately, abandoned in a hurry,  with reminders of family life strewn around weedy yards; swing sets, barbecues, maybe an old doll dropped in the grass. The houses themselves seem to be sighing, hoping someone will move in and bring them back to life.

Flag draped coffins. Yet another generation weeps and wonders why.

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