The news reports discuss President Obama consulting with members of Congress about strategy to get his health care reform bill enacted into law. Strategy? What Strategy? The president’s party, the Democrats, holds insurmountable majorities in the House and the Senate. How about the strategy of just voting on it? Even if every Republican votes against it, health care becomes the law of the land, period, amen, that’s all she wrote. That’s what majority parties do, they get their policies voted into law and the minority party has nothing to say about it. Anybody recall any strategy sessions when the Republicans held majorities? When the country’s voters give one party a mandate to lead, well, isn’t that pretty much what they ought to do? What’s with the Hamlet act, Mr. President? The answer is “To be!” To hell with the slings and arrows.

There’s lots of thing about the health care debate that are a little light in the logic department. Like that whole Government Death Panel notion being floated by morons at the behest of their puppet masters, prompting some people to recoil in horror that the Death Panels will sentence them to die for having allergies and others curious to see if they can get in on that action, maybe figuring they’ll finally get some respect as a member of their local Death Panel. Either way, the Death Panel ruse wasn’t designed for rational people, the kind who just might point out that Death Panels have existed for years in the private sector. What else can the practice of turning over life-and-death medical decisions to clerks and administrators with no medical training whatsoever be called? Alternative Existence Advisory Boards?

Speaking of logic, or rather, its glaring absence, there’s a couple of bozos within the Democratic Party proposing to levy a fine of $3,800 on citizens who fail to purchase health insurance. What? Maybe now those strategy sessions start to make sense, and hopefully they consist of the president knocking heads together with a resounding thwack until these clods realize that the reason for providing health care for people who don’t buy health insurance is that they have no money to pay for it and they have American children who get sick from time to time, you dimwitted boobs! Hence, the public option, sort of like the astoundingly successful public health care system already in place. That would be called Medicare.

To pass a law without a public option would pretty much leave the national health system just the way it is now, with 40 to 50 million Americas with no coverage, and all this effort wasted. Then what would Obama have to show for himself other than two inherited wars and nearly 10% unemployment? The bankers and billionaires have taken his rookie administration to the cleaners and are back to their scheming, bonus-awarding ways while doing jack-all to stimulate jobs and economic growth. And for the most part kept their jobs, a stunning development in an industry riddled with colossal failure and felonious behavior. The nation does not rest easy with these same arrogant bozos in charge of all the money.

So maybe Obama should double down on his health care law and forget about being the guy who brings peace to the Middle East. The last guy who had a decent handle on the Middle East was KIng Solomon, and the peace only lasted as long as he did, never to return. There’s a lot of headstones for the careers of would-be statesmen that read: “He tried to make Peace in the Middle East, R.I.P.” Seems like Obama’s got to crack the whip in the White House and the Congress to get everybody motivated again. The honeymoon’s over, and the novelty of having a black president is secondary to having a president who gets things done. Being smart is not enough. Tough and ruthless is the way to go to get things done in Washington, D.C., a place where the highways and byways are lined with experienced predators. No more Mister Nice Guy. The people who need real help and unambiguous leadership are waiting.

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