So, what’s wrong with the Muslim world has been relayed to us by Paris Hilton. Yes, that Paris Hilton, and, no it was not delivered in a scholarly dissertation in case you were worried that this consummate portrayer of dumb blonde bimbohood left character. Rest easy, she has not. It seems the the producers of Ms. Hilton’s latest dopey reality TV show wanted to film segments of the show in Dubai. Dubai, being a wealthy oil sheikdom and one of the few such nations looking past the day when either the petroleum dries up or somebody in a white lab coat cries Eureka when they discover its replacement, has built themselves a state of the art film production studio, figuring that the infrastructure of modern nations includes such facilities. All well and good, and kudos to Dubai for being pretty normal in this assumption.

It’s not a groundbreaking development by any means, unless by ultra-strict Islamic standards, which are completely abnormal and contrary to human nature, so let’s not get all giddy about some nation doing what most other nations have always done, build the things they need in order to stay viable. The fact that most oil-rich sheikdoms would be completely unworkable minus the oil revenues is not lost on progressive (normal) minds in Dubai. But here’s the drawback, and a good capsule illustration of what’s wrong with these religion-dominated states. They want to be able to dictate what sort of films and TV shows are produced there, and censor any offending scenes. Which pretty much means that outside of producing Osama bin Laden videos these state of the art facilities will go unused.

Insisting that these rules are in place “to adhere to the region’s Islamic norms” they have rejected lucrative deals with Hollywood producers wishing to film parts of their movies in authentic desert settings. So, because this country operates under religious law they turn down pretty much the only money to be made from having so much sand covering most of their real estate. The religious nuts who make these laws mandate there be no alcohol consumption, immodest feminine attire, blasphemy, curse words and, in the final coup de grace to ever having a mainstream movie or TV show made there, “no dramatic displays of affection.”

What? Not only does that make it pretty much impossible to film a love story, but it illustrates a particularly demented attitude towards human relationships. Bad enough that these mullahs figure that God made a mistake creating women and it’s up to them to mask His deific errors, now no man is allowed to be portrayed actually embracing one of these flawed beings? If they prefer the company of teenaged boys, why don’t they just say so? Homosexuality is no sin, unless you declare it so, and they do. Might as well declare having freckles to be a sin for all the choice one has in the matter. But why do they insist on hiding what most people feel is one of the most beautiful of God’s creations, the female form?

These guys are just as bad as the Catholic Church’s Inquisitors when it comes to imposing their own severely psychotic views on the rest of society. And history tell us that the Inquisition didn’t work out all that well for anyone but the Inquisitors. Just like modern Islamic fascists, they treated their own people like dirt, thought God’s creations needed to be (literally) whipped into shape to correct His mistakes, and hated everybody. That’s what made them happy, if no else. No dramatic displays of affection? What else have we got if not one another, and shouldn’t displays of affection be encouraged by those concerned with the spiritual well-being of their own people? No wonder these religion police hate everybody and are in a state of constant war. Paris Hilton wisely opted out of generating money and worldwide publicity for such backward fools. Don’t look for the next Bollywood to spring up in Dubai anytime soon.

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