You have to wonder what the one Supreme Court Justice out the nine of them was thinking when he dissented from the Court’s 8 to 1 decision that it is wrong and unconstitutional to strip-search a child. Maybe somebody should strip-search the hard drive on his computer and see what he’s downloading.

You have to wonder about President Mahmoud “Peewee the Puppet” Ahmadinejad of Iran demanding an apology from President Obama of America for his condemnation of Iran’s brutal reaction to the mass protests against the election results that saw Peewee getting more votes than there are voters. The authorities went ballistic, arresting, pummeling and killing protesters. Of course he didn’t deny the election fraud or the brutal crackdown, he just resented Mr. Obama mentioning these things in public. Obama has so far said nothing in response, figuring Peewee will soon have his hands pretty full trying to avoid getting killed along with the Mad Mullahs who pull his puppet strings in the coming Iranian civil war.

You have to wonder about people who drop casual cultural references to reality shows they assume everyone watches. Here’s a clue: everyone doesn’t. Most of us are happily unaware of who’s who in these white trash manifestos and the inside jokes and references mean zip to us. The standard reaction is “Who? What?” and then a very brief bit of wondering about such odd things. A no time are we tempted to tune in to “Lost in The Amazing Race With Desperate Untalented Nobodies.”

You have to really wonder about the screening process involved in picking a candidate for Governor in our states. Add Sanford to the names McGreevey, Spitzer, Palin and Shwarzennegger. Then again, when you look at the horrendous quality of the various State Legislatures, you stop wondering.

You have to wonder about Allen Stanford, the Texas billionaire who was just arrested for running a 7 billion dollar investment scam. Not wonder about his consuming greed or his casual disregard for other human beings, but exactly how a con man from Texas got the name Sir Allen Stanford. It seems he had dual citizenship in the United States and Antigua, one of the last vestiges of the British Empire. You also have to wonder about the people who knighted him, providing him with the “Sir.” Did they think there was any other reason an American investment guy applies for citizenship in Antigua than laundering money and hiding from American authorities? He’s only around the 100th thief to do this. You’d think they’d get the drift by now, no?

You have to wonder why U.S. corporations have still not hired the guys who talk young men in the prime of their lives into becoming suicide bombers. These guys could sell ice to Eskimos. Maybe General Motors wouldn’t be in the dire straits it finds itself in if they had hired some of these guys to sell their cars. They make P.T Barnum look like a rank amateur.

You have to wonder about the strategy of dismantling the Iraqi Army once they were defeated. Armies don’t give a crap who’s the boss of the country, they do their army duty for whoever is the boss. It sure wasn’t their idea to have Sadam Hussein in charge of things. Now that it’s time for America to leave Iraq it looks like the Iraqi Keystone Kops will be asked to keep order over there, under the direction of General Barney Fife. Good luck to Iraq, or whatever the new countries that form from its ashes call themselves.

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