Looks like the Taliban are here to stay. Having been kicked out of power by America in Afghanistan, they took their act on the road and are threatening to topple the government of neighboring Pakistan, such as it is. The Pakistani government hasn’t been all that effective this past decade or so, so the Taliban figure that’s as good a country as any to bring back the MIddle Ages. No word on what their plans will be regarding Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, but if you want to really set a region back 800 years, nuclear bombs would do the trick handily.

These Taliban guys have a curious agenda: no music, no dancing, no movies, no TV, no education for females, no neatly trimmed beards (!), no embracing a different stripe of Islam from their own, no, no, no and NO. Radio’s allowed, but only the Taliban broadcasts, presumably by their equivalent of Rush Limbaugh. These clowns will tolerate no competing theologies, even going so far as blowing up an ancient statue of Buddha back in their glory days running Afghanistan. They would have you believe that, just like any other deluded fanatics, they alone speak for God.

Which would make them just another silly curiosity if it wasn’t for the fact that God has been telling them to kill everyone that they possibly can and to suck whatever joy they can out of everyone else’s life. This is not at all unusual with religious fanatics of any faith, but what is unusual is that they seem to be winning their war on sanity in a lot of places in the Ikstans of this world. A lot of people throughout the world are now more worried about Pakistan than any other place due to the very real possibility of a nuclear armed Taliban. Not that any other nation will do anything about it. 

They would prefer that America handle this problem. This way, they still get to criticize America for being an imperialistic super power while at the same time having the Taliban denied getting their mitts on nuclear bombs. It’s a win-win situation for everybody but America and the Taliban. We get stuck in another war in yet another shithole country fighting against suicide bombing insurgents and the Taliban get stuck being dead. 

This will come to pass if the Pakistani government can’t get it together to kill the Taliban themselves, a huge problem for them since their very powerful military intelligence organizations are often on the side of the insurgents, acting as a shadow government. Pakistan itself wishes America to solve their problems, and as much as they publicly protest the use of unmanned drones flying into their country to kill Taliban, they send strong private signals to send in the drones. If all this sounds confusing, well, it is. If there were no nuclear weapons in Pakistan, no one would give a damn who runs that country.

They never did have a government that was all that effective, with a huge chunk of their population living in the Bronze Age side by side with an educated, sophisticated segment of society, just like their blood enemies to the south, India. So this schizoid nation is the one America is expected to save? Or rather, to save the world from a nuclear holocaust at the hands of illiterate fanatics? So, whatever troops we pull out of Iraq will wind up in the land of the Ikstans, more of our good kids being sacrificed because no other nation will stand up to the fanatics and deny them their nuclear holocaust. Buckle up, it’s going to be another long and bumpy ride.

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