The Department of Pointing Out The Obvious (DOPOTO) has spent the day after the election listening to sour grapes moaning from various John McCain supporters, many of whom apparently did not get the unambiguous message from McCain himself in his gracious and eloquent concession speech. A lot of them are under the odd impression that Barack Obama will not be “their ” president. DOPOTO would like to point out that unless they are planning to emigrate to another country, that Mr. Obama will indeed be their president. Ask Senator McCain, who announced his duty to serve his new president and try to help him heal the divisiveness that has plagued American politics for too many years. As many Americans found out painfully under Bush The Younger,  the guy you didn’t vote for but who got elected anyway is still your president, for better or worse. The Department feels it is not going out on a limb to categorize the past 8 years as “for worse” for most Americans.

Also prevalent yesterday were Obama supporters expecting him to change the course of our nation overnight. While his election changed America forever in a single day of voting, that change didn’t come in a can. It was 2 years in the making and the beneficiary of an inept campaign by a has-been Republican who picked an ignorant loose cannon for a running mate. Plus the undeniable fact that Mr. McCain had no choice but to run as a Republican at a time when the term “Republican” is synonymous with greedy buffoon, well, the picture clears up significantly. The work ahead of President Obama just to clean up the damage done to America by Bush The Younger and his patrician thug henchmen will be extensive and time-consuming, so those Obama supporters expecting their pet peeves to be legislated into law immediately will be in for a large helping of the thing that makes up the lion’s share of our political diet; disappointment.

DOPOTO reminds the American people that the Junior Senator from Illinois carries no magic wand into the White House next January like some modern day Merlin the Magician. The financial crisis gripping the nation and the entire world will not go away by then, thus handcuffing our new president to a large extent. Even a president blessed with the Triple Crown of having his party in control of the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate cannot erase the fact that money will be just as tight for Uncle Sam as it is for the many ordinary Joes and Janes out there, Mr. Sixpack, Mr. Plumber, Ms. Homemaker and Mr. and Mrs. Mainstreet. The biggest advantage we do have in this new administration is that we now have a really smart guy running the show, an attribute that DOPOTO has pointed out time and again as being far preferable to monumental stupidity. We are not called the Department Of Pointing Out The Obvious for nothing, you know.

And so DOPOTO advises patience with President Obama. The workload ahead of him and Congress is daunting. America has more problems right now that ten math textbooks. Where to begin will possibly be their toughest decision. Figuring out where the money will come from to pay for the Bush The Younger cleanup will be a clever trick. Rarely has any president left his successor a bigger mess. But then again, DOPOTO reminds itself as well and the public, this is Bush The Younger we’re talking about here, a man of such monumental stupidity, arrogance and venality there is no reliable chart to measure his failings or a comparable dunderhead in American history with which to compare the man. It is tempting to carve his likeness on some sort of Reverse Mount Rushmore, with only his butt portrayed, that part of him that did what passes for his thinking. So do not resent or envy Mr. Obama, but support him and offer sympathy for his daunting task, to get America back on the road to our never-ending quest to becoming the America of our highest ideals. Reversing the course of a mighty river of slime is no easy task, and if he accomplishes only that, his presidency will be an unqualified success.

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